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Pakistani Documentary ‘Inshallah Democracy’ Gets Nominated for One World Media Award

One Media Award highlights sidelined issues and stories.


The 2017 documentary Inshallah Democracy has managed to bag a nomination for One World Media Award.

Inshallah Democracy has been nominated for ‘Best Feature Documentary’ Award.

Pakistani film-maker Muhammad Ali Naqvi’s film has been nominated among documentaries in the category which also include,

  • In the Name of Your Daughter,
  • Our Man in Tehran,
  • A Thousand Girls Like Me.

About Ali Naqvi

Documentary filmmaker Muhammad Ali Naqvi aka Mo (not to be confused with the bar owner in The Simpsons), started his own personal journey to explore the changing dynamics of Pakistan’s fluid democracy in 2010.


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That path extended up till the General Elections 2013. In this journey, Mo had the opportunity to interview electoral candidates including former President General Pervez Musharraf. The ex-military ruler had settled in Dubai after his resignation as the Pakistani President prior to the elections.

What came from Mo’s experience is the scintillating documentary, Inshallah Democracy.

The objective of the film was initially to answer the inevitable question, is democracy possible in a country like Pakistan? A nation where elections are a contest between feudal lords. An Asian nation that underwent Islamization in the era of a military dictator. A nation that was once the number one conference destination in the world.

Eventually the film-maker Naqvi became part of the film and presented the point of view of the voter as well.

The documentary took seven years to make and premiered in 2017. Yet it took another two years for its commercial release.


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About One World Media

One World Media was established in 1988. The objective of this platform is to support and acknowledge independent media coverage of developing countries.

Perhaps that is why it chose to nominate a documentary that faced mixed responses with the audiences in Inshallah Democracy.

One World Media highlights social, political and cultural aspects of life from around the world. Its’ awards appreciate journalists and filmmakers that globally project the point of view of common people.


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The platform also highlights journalists’ and film-makers’ role in raising awareness about issues and stories which are not reported otherwise.

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