Pakistani Restaurant Cashes in On Ertugrul Fever With Hilarious Ad [Pictures]

This is hilarious yet pretty genius at the same time!


Advertisements and promotions either make or break businesses. This is also true for Pakistan. But well, there are some things that will ensure that your product is a surefire hit. Pakistani brands like Jazz and Khaadi are doing it, so it was just about time that small restaurants could cash in on the  Dirilis Ertugrul craze.

As soon as this Turkish historical series started getting popular, people discovered more ways to profit off of its name, starting with Ertugrul chips.



Even top brands couldn’t help but take advantage of the hype. They hired Turkish actors as their brand ambassadors and we all know how it went.

Fast forward now, people are even selling their food ‘claiming’ that the recipe was actually created by Ertugrul stars. Don’t believe us? Take a look at it yourself.

“Experience Hayme Ana and Halima Sultan’s homemade recipes, with that authentic Turkish taste in your own hometown now!”



And did you know that Bamsı Beyrek’s favorite food is Mutton Rosh?



Netizens are noticing Derah Salateen Restaurant and their tried and tested promotional tactics. The posts have already made several rounds on the internet and here’s how people are reacting to it.


Will you be trying out the offerings at this restaurant? What do you think of their marketing? Too much Ertugrul? Or so outlandish that it might just work?


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