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Has Esra Bilgiç Refused to Work With Pakistani Makeup Artists? [Pictures]

Find out what photographer Natasha Zubair has to say.

Esra Bilgiç

When the Pakistani state-owned broadcaster PTV started airing the Turkish historical series Diriliş: Ertuğrul fans from every nook and cranny showed a lot of support and love for its actors. One name, however, has managed to garner a great deal of attention- Esra Bilgiç.


Esra Bilgiç - Halime Sultan
Smaller, shorter headgear for a warrior princess


The 27-year-old received a massive fan-following, especially from Pakistan, after portraying the role of Halime Hatun in the show. In fact, her performance got her the lead role in the latest Turkish crime series Ramo.



Her fame in Pakistan did not go unnoticed either- Esra has been seen as the new face for many big-name brands including Qmobile, Jazz, and Khaadi.


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On set with my Khaadi. @khaadi 👁👁

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In addition to this, reports have also claimed that the Turkish actress is learning Urdu and trying Pakistani cuisines. Could this be for a visit to the country?

We can’t deny all the love Esra has gotten from her fans in this country. However, a Pakistani photographer, Natasha Zubair, recently called her out in her Instagram stories.



Natasha revealed that the actress has repeatedly turned down projects of local Pakistani makeup artists. The Lahore-based photographer says, however, that it is not the Turkish actress’s fault.


She refused to work with Pakistani makeup artists and photographers…but is still wearing our clothes and we are still paying her the amount we must be paying her.

I don’t blame her man, I blame us. For being so brainwashed that white and foreign is always the way to go EVEN if you’re clearly being disrespected.



Zubair added in another story that she is extremely disappointed to see Pakistanis chasing after foreign celebrities instead of signing local hard-working talent.



Seems like Natasha Zubair is not afraid of speaking her truth- she recently also turned down a local news outlet when they asked her to share their Esra Bilgiç x Khaadi post. Here’s what she said:



Do you agree with Natasha that our local talent is being ignored for foreign celebrities like Esra Bilgiç? Share your views in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. May be she us comfortable with the pakistani makeup man and the photographers, they have given her the pakistani touch, therefore that might be the reason

  2. I dont think so its just an example of negative mentality if you are hard working and have talent you will never B ignored

    • You would be ignored definitely…
      Local talent have no worth in our country they all prioritize star kids as well as those ppl who have strong references…this is bitter reality of our country that you can’t DENY.

  3. Talking about westerns. Aapka poora msg english mai hai jo FOREING language hai. Hum subh aur yakeenan aap bhi foreign dressses prefer karti hain. But when someone else gets better oppurtunities, we start raising OUR CULTURE which has clearly been forgotten by all Pakistanis. I agree i typed in english too, but i dont stand up pointing at others

  4. No our local talent is not ignored.i disagree with natasha.esra became popular in pak because of her drama acting and beauty if anyone from pak was so attractive or capable then they would have automatically come forward.the way she has.its just our stupidity that we are debating on it so much

    • well Esra seems to be more popular in Pakistan than in her country….check the stats bro!her ‘talent’ and ‘beauty’ aint working so crazy well in Turkey…..reason plz???

  5. I strongly disagree with Natasha Zubair. I don’t know why such voices disappear when Indian and western culture is promoted in Pakistan.

  6. No, now the Pakistani people like the turkish actress like Esra Bilgic more then our own Pakistani celebrities so we should listen to the people.

  7. Well, she’s beautiful and no doubt she performed tremendously in her Ertugrul series which leads her to the heights of fame. It’s not just about a foreigner wearing kurta etc but it’s actually about content what they presented in ertugrul, why can’t our drama industry shows something like that.
    Moreover turkey is our brother country, and we should support each other. Esra is showing her immense love for Pakistan. If she can work with many brands like jazz, khadi etc then what if she refused to work with a local brand.
    Show a big heart

    • And yeah she doesn’t deserves to be working with a local brand as her capabilities decide something bigger , so yeah she did right to refuse ,well everyone has their own standard and people like Natasha just use intricate words to express their idle views and concerns , were they sleeping or counting sheep’s about their culture before Esra , and her photoshoot is causing no harm to our culture but showing us what a standard is and what should we do to make up to

  8. I don’t think Natasha is standing on the right side of the corner… zabardasti apna talent use karo? “Import band kar k bas export he kartay raho” phir to HUM TV awards bhi Pakistan mai honay chaiyeh Dubai ja kar karnay ki Kya zaroorat hai?

  9. Strongly disagree. Pakistan only has selected artists and they are busy complimenting bollywood. We need to pick up the real talent that is left rotten in Pakistan. I say to our Pak actors and directors that they should work with Turkey and enhance your production. Turkish production is 1000 times better than bollywood. Turkey is a muslim country and we also have really strong ties with them.

  10. no I dont think that our local talent is ignored Its all about fame she got fame in Pakistan bcoz people like her character..i dont know if someone is performing well than whats wrong with these people like Yasir, and now this artist. Its totally disappointing. We should support them and we will…jo koi acha kam karay ga hmay usay hmesha support karaingay..

  11. Natasha must understand that talent and celebrity status is something bestowed by God and should not be translated into personal egos and the scale to determine one’s patriotic orientation . If Esra ain’t endorsing or replying your desperate calls then that’s her choice. How could you blame entire media/fashion fraternity just because you didn’t get a positive reply? . It’s time for us Pakistanis to shed double standards once and for all.. Peace

  12. She is a professional artist, knows her requirements and need to protect her image as well. Due rights must be given to her.

  13. Local talent needs to up their game rather than complain about competition… Once Pakistani dramas move beyond the Mother in Law Daughter in Law torture tournaments…

  14. Praising and glorifying others on the cost of our own respect should not be the way, we need to learn how to come up with a moderate attitude so that we can kiss a hand that taps our cheek and hold the one tight that aims to slap at our face.

  15. No!
    I do not agree with Ms. Natasha’s objections, criticism and opinion, she gave her biased verdict because she is a photographer. There’s certain medical reasons that might have been suggested by some skin specialist or her dermatologist that made her cautious about her skin care, secondly, about photography, to expose and shot correct clicking angles and poses, a photographer have to study his/ her subject to be exposed. Hope Ms. Natasha’s observations must not be taken seriously!!!

    • okay she gave her ‘biased’ verdict bcs she is a ‘photographer’ well i’m not….and i totally agree with her……if u think i have a prblm with my skin,i dont…..i m the ‘privileged’ white skinned in Pakistan yet i totally agree with Natasha……we cannot shut our eyes to the rampant racism in Pakistan.Your observation must be dead if you cant accept the fact.

  16. Indian banned our artists and we condemned that but here we are doing the same discrimination…she may have objected for the heavy makeup as Pakistanis and Indians put up to their faces to become gora/gori..I think it’s personnal choice not a matter of ego

  17. This is first sign for Pakistani content to change it’s way . All Pakistani drama content is like “SHAYAD DUNYA ME AIK HI MASLA HAI”. Please , move forward . Stop making similar content dramas just for the sake of saving money.

  18. I think Natasha is right to some extent. Q mobile and jazz were enough because they used to sign bollywood actors earlier. We usually see foreign artist in these ads. Specifically indian.
    Perhaps they think they can market it better with foreign actors and no one critisized it. So why speaking against Esra?
    But khadi i am not agreed to hire a foreigner because its our clothes our culture. Our artists should be hired to promote it.
    I will not buy khadi because of Esra if I don’t want to.
    And I agree that our models and artists are not less than any one. They can do the same job.

  19. I am not surprised with the attitude of the Turkish actress. Most celebs are arrogant and snobbish especially when they get success at young age of 27. She is no different.
    In Pakistan there is a craze for this drama, but it will die down in 1 or 2 years since it’s 500 episodes.
    Don’t expect anything in return from Turkey for loving this drama of theirs.

  20. This is all about marketing. Brands always approach those followed by contemporary trend and being public figure. If they do consider the local talent so they won’t be embarrassed in front of foreigner actors.

  21. Jazz and other brands used Esra to facilitate their marketing clearly because of the traction that show gained in Pakistan. It made for a perfect opportunity for them use those actors/actresses to promote their products as anything with the Ertugrul cast involved would’ve blown up in Pakistan let alone Esra. So from a business standpoint it is a job well done on part of the companies.

  22. Make up artist may not be up to her standard : that’s my opinion coz most of any professionals aren’t fully equipped and come with proper training or qualification . this is my say on that .

  23. The thing is thatnwhen pakistani actress of fame is performing she tries to do more glamourous role rather than roles with out glamour and they tend to avoid these kinds of roles

  24. Natasha gave the answer herself. If only Esra hadn’t turned down her offer, Natasha wouldn’t have said any of this. Double standards. Esra has a life she can refuse and take any project that she wants.

  25. Hi,,from a long time i had seen that few negative minded peoples are tolling Turkish actors,, so let me remind them alot,, kahan the tum log jb sonam shahid kareena leana ect become Qmobile brand ambassador,, or wo cinemas m indian movies, pak ka talent us time yaad n ata tha and a very big thing for all our paki actors ye jo awards m b indian songs had h yar paki songs ko encourage karo,, kahn hn wo sb actors tb bolte na,, mare ja rahe hote hn indians k lie,, wo choro apni pak ki actress ki dressing modeling dekho Allah maff kare dekho google karo sb dikhe ga,, bare ae bat krne wale,,

  26. Exactly…. She just got jealous… Every one who is beautiful and talented always got opportunity to come n show her his talent… But it’s somehow fate… Cuz Esra is also a random talented girl selected by audition she’s not a star kid … So just be positive…. We Pakistani love Turkish.. so don’t take it seriously if any Turkish came in our fasion industry…. We Pakistani also run in India for properity without realizing the disrespect they give us… Cuz everybody want to go ahead… Including u miss Natasha

  27. These ladies who don’t have even common sense don’t understand one thing that the actress have got fame from a series that is called as soft bomb by BBC, why it got that fame in Pakistan because people are fed up of the filthy content our media is showing and always get attracted towards the Islamic History. İf it’s on Esra’s end why is no one watching Ramo the way everyone is watching Ertugrul. This is the major point in it that Pakistani Media have to change this ‘Starplus’ mindset and started to show something appealing!!!

  28. We are “ONE UMMAH ” our success is not based on others how long have you all been watching “INDIAN MOVIES AND NEVER FELT “THREATENED ”
    or is it because you want to swim against the tide in today’s social media world??

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