Pakistani TikToker Goes Viral For ‘Ditching Shalwar’, Internet Reacts

Tiktoker Alina Khan shared a recent video wearing a kameez without the shalwar and we’re just left wondering why.


Remember when a British brand was selling kurtis without a shalwar calling them ‘ethnic dresses’? Well turns out a Pakistani TikToker took their word for it and went viral.

Pakistani Tiktoker Alina Khan shared a recent video wearing a kameez without the shalwar and we’re just left wondering why. According to the social media influencer,

“Shalwar ais formality and dupatta is useless. Both make you feel ugly.”

Pakistani TikToker

Sure enough, Netizens trolled her. From the insane idea to the sheer stupidity of it.


Soon enough Alina deleted her tweet following all the backlash. However, memes are forever.


Some of these jokes were rather witty, while also making a point.


Memes aside there were people bashing Alina for vulgarity and ‘spreading obscenity’. That escalated quickly.


Meanwhile, some people stood in support of the social media influencer and also posted pictures wearing a kameez without a shalwar.

Basically, the Pakistani Tiktoker wanted to express her feelings about being stifled in our desi culture. Her tweet about wanting privacy makes sense. However, she took the shalwar thing too far.

What do you think of her controversial tweet? Why do you think she later deleted the tweet? Did she feel overwhelmed by the backlash or is she backtracking on her stance? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. So how do you expect to see your selves in heaven.. When your not even following a bit of what our Master Muhammad PBUH has taught us

  2. As Muslims we should focus more on getting knowledge and making our culture and faith strong rather than focusing on taking off our shalwars.
    Such a disgrace

  3. Allah is watching you be the muslim stop doing this there is nothing wrong in our culture but it is true that every one need privacy but you took off shlwar off and posted on internet what kind of privacy is that be muslim not savage

  4. U do what u want,,but plz stop forcing it in our graceful culture. These idiot bitches should be thrown out of Pakistan where they don’t even have to make these efforts,and our children here remain safe from their darkness.

  5. If you are muslims then Islam has some boundaries which needs to be remembered. If you want to follow western culture then why are you pretending to be a Muslim.

  6. O baji u want to wear cloths or not …kar baji jo marzi …u r already in a country where u can b roam around naked ….either openly or private…..y u want to show ppl ur knees ….ur legs or ……. u knw …..?? Kiya cheez tang kar rahi hy?? Shalwar kameez is not your dress so don’t bakwas on it…..ja Nangi naha nangi khaa ….koi tujhy nahi roukay gaa ….ye be utar Dai….Kameez ke bagair b tu ugly hi Lagay gi….

  7. Don’t forget that we are separated from sub continent only for the survival of our religion and culture.Just go anywhere out from pakistan and do what do you want

  8. The idea of having privacy is not bad, regardless of being a muslim or native of pakistan, such presenation is nonsense and vulgar, the concept of clothing, hiding the body and intimate part is itself the need and evolution of human breed otherwise, leaves of palm trees would be enough for us to wear. Common You girl use ur brain next time.

  9. The Original Picture-personality is not a Pakistani. She is Aliza Khan from Lucknow, India.
    This alina is someone fake personality and profile probably generated to support ‘Mera Jism Meri Merzi’….. and make it viral….

  10. اگر معاشرے میں لوگوں کو اچھائی کی ترغیب نہیں دے سکتی تو کم سے کم برائی کی دعوت نا دو اللہ اگر رحمان اور رحیم ہے تو قہار بھی ہے۔۔۔

  11. Pakistan can never tolerate the idea of women NOT wearing a desi outfit. If you wear a dress in public you’re a disgrace! I guess this girl is not meant to survive in Pakistan. Your ethics are to be judged according to your behaviour, words and not your dress code. What sort of religion is this? That is why Pakistan isn’t growing. Even the best of influencers aren’t dignified if they wear short dresses let alone a common girl. I pity you. Salwar and dupatta can definitely be uncomfortable and every girl thinks of being free and having an apartment so that they can enjoy their privacy and move around freely without being judged but nai, inhe toh sabkuch kapdo se judge krna h. Hypocrites say this to boys too when they wear shorts while swimming and post shirtless pics.

    • Yes in Islam knees are also private part that needs to be covered. Show some respect to a religion if you want to be respected

  12. ‘ illiterate’ is what we call in our language plus she doesn’t even deserve to be called a Muslim after posting this ugly post of her knees. Gosh! We understand everyone needs privacy but it literally doesn’t mean to use privacy in outside the 4 walls by getting naked infront of people. If you are an ummati of Hazrat Muhammad (saws) then it’s افسوس on your this mentality of getting privacy in order to stay naked infront of people.

  13. پاکستانی بھی کوئی نکمی قوم ھے دن رات بس اسی کام لگے ہوئے ہیں یار یہ کس نے کہا پاکستانی ھے یہ ایک انڈین لڑکی ھے جس نے اپنے انسٹاگرام اکاؤنٹ پر یہ ویڈیو شئیر کی

  14. Keep Islam out of your foul mouth today it’s salwaar tmrw it be kameez.
    Walk down the street let’s see if you make it back in tact or even alive.
    Ya Allah please help the generation who want to dress less.
    Look up what privacy means stupid stupid kamini

  15. She is not Pakistani she is an Indian and her name is not Alina it’s Aliza khan, some one used her picture and made fake account changing her name to Alina. She came Infront and clarify it. I just watched the YouTube video from Syed Ali Haider Official.

  16. Phir kahin is ki laash mily gi to sary insani haqooq k alambardaar apni apni billon se nikal aen gy. Allah k azab ko ham khud awaz dy rahy hain. Phir kehty hain hamen kuch milta q ni. Agar NABI SAW ki duaa na hoti to janwar duaa karty k in ki shaklen badal kar janwaron jesi na hon. Wo bhi sharmaty

  17. The Muslim brigade of Pakistan is being fed by dollars from nations where pants/shalwars are optional.

    Don’t enforce your version of Islam

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