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Pakistanis Are Sharing Their #SixWordHorrorStory On Social Media

From hilarious to horrific!


Hashtag games can be surprising. The results are somewhere between witty and hilarious. Same goes for the recent trend #SixWordHorrorStory. Like the hashtag states, you gotta tell a horror story in 6 words.

Pakistanis are known for their remarkable wit and sarcasm on Twitter. They did not disappoint in this case either. From stories that will send shivers down your spine, to stuff that makes you roll over laughing, the hits just keep on coming.


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It’s nice to see these hashtag games resurface and take over Pakistani Twitter.

As for who started this trend in the first place, word is that an Australian student came up with it. We can tell this horror story is legit as exams are a horror we all have experienced!

From there on out things just got out of hand. While these are Pakistani horror stories, they’re nightmares the global community has experienced as well.

Some people decided to focus on the planet for their #SixWordHorrorStory.

These are more Pakistani woes.

Things just got super dark here:

Can’t even imagine waiting in fear for that response.

This one might have watched The Dark Knight too many times. Way to put a smile on her face:

These were pretty well thought out ‘SixWordHorrorStories’. A lot of them were cheeky humor rather than straight out horror tales, but still, we Pakistanis are rather funny when it comes to it.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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