Pakistanis Call to Boycott Local Celebs and Hum TV for Grand Show in Canada Despite Flood Crisis

Pictures of Pakistani celebrities having a fun time in Canada infuriated netizens

The floods in Pakistan have wreaked havoc across the country, and millions have lost their homes and assets while being sick and stranded with no food and shelter. While local and international rescue and relief operations are underway, they are still insufficient to cater to the magnitude of the disaster that has left even the international community appalled at the gravity of the disaster.

Amid these catastrophic circumstances, one cannot help but notice Pakistani actors having a gala time in Canada. Not surprisingly, their pictures enraged netizens who also pointed out Hum TV’s insensitivity for conducting the award show on such a grand scale while the country suffers.

Famous personalities like Islamic scholar Mufti Ismail Menk and veteran Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie are visiting Pakistan and the flood-affected areas, offering all the support that they can. Celebrities all around the world have raised concerns, some helping in their own way, and others are praying for the flood victims. From Justin Trudeau, Ertuğrul star Engin Altan Düzyatan, and Tim Cook to supermodel Bella Hadid and many more people from around the world are doing what they can in this time of need while Pakistani actors party in Ontario.

Take a look.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan…


Here’s how the public reacted.

The nation is protesting against the Pakistani actors and gearing up to boycott them.

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  1. Stop calling them celebrities they are actors dancers loser miraasi give them money they will dance for anyone anywhere they are giving nothing to the nation only vulgar culture and half naked women and promoting western culture SAY NO TO HUM TV