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Paresh Rawal Is Furious at Those Who Oppose A Muslim Professor’s Hiring in India

Shining India anyone?

Paresh Rawal

Bollywood veteran Paresh Rawal is voicing support for the Indian Muslim university professor Feroz Khan. The move comes after various protests were being organized against the hiring of the Muslim Sanskrit Professor.

The Sanju actor tweeted about the irony here. Even though Dr. Feroz Khan is a PhD in Sanskrit, some Indians still think he shouldn’t be hiring because there’s a need to ‘protect the language.’

Here is Paresh Rawal’s response:



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Hardline Hindu students at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) are holding a sit-in outside the vice-chancellor’s office against the appointment of Professor Feroz Khan. Their narrative is that since most Hindu religious text is in Sanskrit, they don’t want a Muslim teaching linguistic lessons about Sanskrit.

Apparently for some people, there’s no difference between a place of worship and an educational institution.

Basically its plain bigotry, so of course it’s not logical. Many cool-headed Indians also understand that.

Paresh Rawal is not amused

Paresh Rawal explained that by these standards ‘Bhajans‘ (Hindu hymns) that were sung by the legendary singer Muhammad Rafi are ‘unacceptable’.


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The student protest against a Muslim Sanskrit professor exposes deep-rooted anti-Muslim sentiment that has become a part of Indian culture.

People forget that most languages, be it Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, etc in the sub-continent stem from Sanskrit. Sanskrit itself stems from Proto-Indo European. Then where is the conflict with a Muslim teaching his own cultural heritage?

Years of painting the Muslim as the bad guys will have repercussions in a inter-faith society. Rather than rectify the damage they have done, maybe this incident will just be used to ‘further justify’ religious prejudice.




Written by Ummara Sheraz

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