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PEMRA Ordered To Stop Channels From Telecasting Aurat March Slogans

Here’s why.

The upcoming ‘Aurat March’ has gotten everyone a bit tense lately. What was once seen as a means of women empowerment has now become something of a moral divide in Pakistani society.

The current government under Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) explained its position on the sensitive matter on Thursday. The government said that only a ‘handful of elements’ will not be allowed to hold the society hostage.

The government directed PEMRA to stop media channels from telecasting any slogans they deem inappropriate.

One of these slogans includes ‘Mera Jism, Meri Marzi’. The same slogan that has been trending on Twitter lately, especially since Khalil ur Rehman’s infamous outburst.

The PTI government believes that a slogan such as that would create ‘moral delinquency’ in the nation.

“A handful of elements will not be allowed to hold our society a hostage …[and] adherence to Islamic values is essential. Constitution of Pakistan gives the citizens freedom of expression, but obscenity and vulgarity cannot be allowed in the society,” said Firdous Ashiq Awan, while responding to the apprehensions voiced by many members of the committee over the debate on the news media on the campaign.



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Aftab Jehangir, a PTI member in the committee, was of the view that the slogans that were being raised in the name of women’s rights [were so vulgar], that they could not be watched and heard while sitting with family members at home.

Another PTI member in the committee, Akram Cheema, stated that the media should also be directed not to telecast the proposed ‘Aurat March’.

It remains to be seen what happens during this upcoming ‘Aurat March’. Some people believe that the slogan is not as inappropriate as the media is making it out to be.

Of course, with Khalil ur Rehman’s remarks, the country is currently divided on the issue as there are people who agree with the controversial scriptwriter’s rude remarks while others strongly disagree with his stance and demand his exclusion from any future projects.

What are your thoughts, share them in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Being a woman Islam ny humary liye tamam hadood muqarar ki hui tarah k slogens society mein behayai phelany k siwa kuch nhi hein.and we are with khalil ur rehman qamar .

  2. Pakistan is not ready for women to be outspoken. We are still in the ‘Naik Perveen’ mode. Women should raise awareness about issues like sexual harassment, Eve teasing, rape, honor killings, acid throwing and right to divorce, but should keep in mind the sensitivity of Pakistani public. But the way Khalilur Rahman behaved was appalling and unacceptable within the norms of politeness and respect. He craves notoriety and will say anything to stay in the news and market himself. He showed how uncouth he is really. I am not condoning Marvi Sarmad’s behavior either. Nobody should rant and rave. Women should speak their points in a calm manner. They will garner more respect like this!

  3. We have no tolerance for each other. Our media, it’s high time, to be controlled. They are telecasting each and every thing without realizing that it would have deleterious consequences on the society.

  4. Khalil ur Rehman should be ashamed of himself due to his corrupt abusive language.such a dirty man this is not the way to talk whether he feels someone right or wrong.this pschyo should be banned

  5. The Teaching of Islam has given perfect rights to women in society but,unfortunately, our society could not gain what teaching says; man who has appointed as protector of women. Thus he safeguarded women. But lack of true education the results are that honour killing, Acid,lack of education to women,and other basic issues took place to injure woman in our society.Consequently, these march take place.

  6. I agree with Samina Imtiazi Sahiba, Khalilur Rahman behaved improperly and his behavior should be condemned but at the same time Marvi Sarmad’s attitude was also not good.
    The slogan “Mera Jism meri Marzi” is not according to the norms of our society. Although we stand for woman’s right but will not support such kind of slogans.
    I saw many women on TV supporting this slogan but I think that this is not good.

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