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Pakistanis Just Dressed as their Favorite Characters at TwinCon’19

Anime fans dominated in numbers!


While Pakistan does not have big ComicCon-like events, that does not stop fans from dressing up as their favorite characters AKA cosplay. This weekend, the geeky crowd turned up in droves for TwinCon’19 in Islamabad.

Cosplay, anime and movie characters, we saw it all.

The cosplay scene is really picking up in Pakistan.

TwinCon’19, which was held on February 10, catered to a massive crowd of over 5000 anime fans and cosplayers. These fans swarmed in from all across Pakistan for the event.

Even though the cosplay scene is not that big in Pakistan the attendees of the event did not disappoint. The costumes really were true to cosplay and kwai (anime cosplay). Here are some of the best looks.

TwinCon’19 Cosplay

Cosplayer dressed as Joker at TwinCon'19

This guy decided to go with Jared Leto’s ‘Joker’. He even has the abs to go with the look, gansta chic.

Cosplayers dressed as Harley Quin and Joker at TwinCon'19

Harley was with another Joker though.

Cosplayer dressed as Capt. Jackl Sparrow at TwinCon'19

Of course, we’re never getting over Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow or the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. This cosplayer looks cleaner though.


He may be green with mischief but this Loki costume has us green with envy.


Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

Looks like someone came in from Mordor.


Cosplayer dressed as Daredevil at TwinCon'19

This looks like Deadpool, Daredevil and Batman had a child. Call me old but who is this guy?


Cosplayers dressed as Wolverine and Superman at TwinCon'19

Marvel vs DC again.I for one am rooting for that lil’ Superman.


Cosplayer dressed as Wolverine at TwinCon'19

Wolverine never really did like his X-men uniform, and this one’s keeping it casual.


Cosplayer dressed as Dr, Strange at TwinCon'19

Cosplayer dressed as Dr Strange at TwinCon'19

Who’s side is Dr. Strange on, Marvel or DC? (True Believers already know the answer!)


Anime Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

Anime Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

There were some anime cosplayers at TwinCon’19 after all.


Anime Cosplayers at TwinCon'19

This lady even brought her own monsters, dragons, whatever these are (sorry I’m a millennial).


Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

Is she She-ra the Princess of Power, or an anime character?? Looks Kwai.

Anime Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

Major cosplay envy and kwai goals.

Anime Bunny at TwinCon'19

Who’s this bunny? The one from Alice in Wonderland?

Cute Anime Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

We’ve gotta admit Kwai is cute.

Grim Anime Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

Gothic Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

A good time doesn’t need a character label.

Grim Reaper TwinCon'19

All this hype even had the Grim Reaper and come attend the event for ‘herself. Yeah, the Grim Reaper is a girl.


Cosplayer dressed as Darth Vader at TwinCon'19

Cosplay is never complete without Star Wars. Hey, Vader!!!


God of War at TwinCon'19

There was a Spartan in the midst too. Oh boy…


Kakashi Sensei at TwinCon'19

We’ll never get to see what Kakashi Sensei looks like.

Cosplayer at TwinCon'19

This looks like it belongs at a modern art museum more than a cosplay event…stunning.


Cosplayers in Islamabad

Are these two sisters? Sister goals it is then.

Cosplayer dressed as game character

TwinCon’19 in Islamabad

Surprisingly this is not the first cosplay event in Islamabad. The TwinCon has been held four times before in the capital city.

The TwinCon’19 was held in Aura Grande Enclave, E-11. Besides the cosplay, the event had collectibles, books, comics and other stuff that attendees could buy. There was food too.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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