Photos of German Embassy’s Youth Ambassador at a Pakistani Wedding Go Viral

We are surprised (though we shouldn’t be).

German Embassy's Youth Ambassador

Ever since Pakistan’s favorite German ambassador Martin Kobler went into retirement, the German Embassy’s Youth Ambassador, Marion Pfennigs has been filling the emotional void left behind him. Taking after Kobler, even she’s into every cultural experience Pakistan has to offer, including of course, the ‘Shadi season’.

The Youth Ambassador enjoyed the full-fledged experience of attending a desi wedding, all-nighters, choreographed dance numbers and all. We’ve got to say that we’re pleasantly surprised seeing her cruise through ‘Shadi season’.


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Marion shared her recent experience at a wedding where she got down to ‘Bahre Bazaar‘ in a choreographed dance mob.

This woman really committed to how we do desi weddings, even attending all the dholkis. Even we desis slip-up and miss an event here and there. But not Miss Marion here, nope.

She even went full-out on the wedding preparations (don’t we all?).

This Youth Ambassador often shares interesting Pak-German tidbits.

Besides sharing interesting tidbits on Pak-German relations, she can be seen out and about in Islamabad, off-duty.

About Marion Pfennings

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marion Pfennings, she has been the German Embassy’s Youth Ambassador since early 2018.

Since taking on the role, she first set out to explore various regions of Pakistan. With her understanding of the culture through travel and interaction with the people, the German Embassy aims to ‘reach out more to the future of Pakistan’, it’s young people.


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People can’t help but notice how her energy and enthusiasm to explore Pakistan is like Kobler.

She’s really caught up with the norms around here, like how cricket is sacred.

She’s really brought out the pluralistic image of Pakistan.

Marion has been here for around two years now and her enthusiasm about exploring more is still going strong.


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