PIA Orders Flight Attendants to Wear Undergarments

The national airline’s GM had it mandatory for its air crew to dress properly both on and offduty.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is undergoing changes to improve its public image, and its first course of action is for the air staff and flight attendants to wear undergarments with their plain clothes at all times.

PIA has made it mandatory for its aircrew to dress properly both on and off duty after its General Manager (GM), Aamir Bashir, raised objections to the air hostesses’ attire after receiving complaints about how they dress at their offices, during stays at hotels, and while traveling to other cities.

The GM stated in a memo, “It has been observed with great concern that a few cabin crew tend to dress casually while traveling intercity, staying in hotels and visiting various suffices. Such dressing leaves a poor impression on the viewer and portrays a negative image of not only the individual but also of the organization”.

He emphasized that the flight attendants’ distasteful dressing is ruining the airline’s public image, and has mandated senior shift in-charges and grooming instructors to monitor all their dressing.

Those who skirt the GM’s new guidelines will have strict action taken against them.

This is not Bashir’s first time making strict guidelines for PIA’s aircrew; he had ordered flight attendants to lose weight or get fired in 2019.

PIA is a certified two-star airline and it needs major changes than just undergarments to improve its public image. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. It is not a news it is notice taken by GM. It is PIA,s INTERNAL MATTER Which is to built image of pia crew staff
    . This notice as a news is shamefully for reporter.

  2. WTH dose a girls undergarments has to do with an Airlines image and how and who will check weather someone is wearing or not

  3. It is good observation to instruct your staff dress properly. But, to the extent of undergarments. Pohhhh

  4. Absolutely! Why PIA officials staring at their air hostesses’ bodies, staring hard enough to notice! PIA’s image will improve with quality service and safety, not by peering at crotches and chests!

  5. This is such poor reporting from all who pose as journalists and bloggers

    The article is always splashing female employee pics to hint at women underwear

    When the rule is more in line with those wearing shalwar kameez and /or shorts without underwear , where the wiggly bits are at times visible

    And yes that’s mostly guys

  6. The airline has not shown a profit in decades and its all due to undergarments? Also, how did they know that the air hostesses were not wearing undergarments?

  7. “He emphasized that the flight attendants’ distasteful dressing is ruining the airline’s public image…”. Oh indeed! The flight attendants dressing is the only thing thats been ruining the airline’s reputation for years isn’t it? I am sure there aren’t OTHER major factors you haven’t considered??

  8. Mr.Bashir you are showing yr concern on their undergarments, why dont you you first improve the image of our national carrier.
    *. Its cleanliness
    * Inflight service
    * Air lines punctuality
    *Pathetic baggage handling
    These should be looked into first.

  9. Dress in off duty hours should be a personal preference. No body has PIA written on their forehead. Moreover how does a superior know that an airhostess is not wearing under garments.PIA should think of other ways to improve their image. What about slovenly dressed pilots. And weeding out corruption.

  10. I hope in every company or any other working place , through out in Pakistan must be taken strict actions which ll be hurdles in the country image or its success

  11. A perfect example of making a mountain out of a molehill. The memo says “It has been observed with great concern that a few cabin crew tend to dress casually…” Notice “a few”… So rather than penalising those “a few” who are the actual culprits, let’s spill mud on everyone… Great job being the MD! Being two-star makes perfect sense with such leadership!

  12. I am sure there are alooooot many problems with PIA , no one prefers to even travel with them there standard and service is already very low . Instead of being OBSESSED with WOMEN and there dressing work on your poor service Please. SHAME ON YOU.

  13. Instead of being OBSESSED with WOMEN and their dressing off work. Try to FOCUS on your POOOR Quality Airline and its POOR SERVICE please.

  14. Absurdly at height. Instead of improving their administrative issues on flight and at airport, the chairman is showing his sick mentality and of those who could scrutinize women clothing only. World is beyond that sir! Grow up.

  15. Of course we need to kick crucial changes in the organisation. Above all, overstaffed organisation director needs curtailment in the number of employees. And this dress code initiative is untimely, illogical and unnecessary.

  16. After 1972 PIA stàff and and Management are sinking in. gutter. PIA Pak Rail and Steel Mills should.be privatized.

  17. Good to impose discipline, but do keep some attractive rewards for the staff to encourage wiling obedience

  18. I fully support management effort to improve the image of it’s staff. This would make people think positively about PIA.

  19. I think Bashir sb is I the midst of what’s happening and what needs to be done. Hence, there is no detail that misses his attention, be it undergarments or weight. Good and meticulous job.

  20. While in uniform and on duty the company has the right to enforce wearing undergarment but off duty how can a company tell it’s employees ho to dress ? Off duty the company may also enforce what to wear at home, while sleeping what to eat etc. this is absurd ! The GM guy does not know his job because he was hired under quota system. The airline needs drastic changes, including getting rid of unprofessional GM’s, to uplift the image

  21. This is a good sign to compare other airlines mr.amir basheer keep it up we are proud of you

  22. Rubbish…………… They need to improve customer service and hire experienced pilots with original degrees.

  23. I don’t see anything wrong with the dresses worn by the PIA air hostesses. They may just want to keep up with the latest fashion trends in the West. But the trouble is the West has progressed to ditching their briefs, drawer and bikinis in favour of thongs, g-strings or just pasties if at all to wear anything ! This is challenging even in a Pakistan that is struggling to stay modernly Muslim, imagine what it will be if it truely Islamizes. PIA is right to start with the underwear though !

  24. I have never heard anything so ridiculous. Aamir Bashir needs to focus on improving the service rather than dictating how staff should dress when off-duty. People who complain about staff dress away from work, obviously have too much idle time on their hands.