Police Arrest Man Who Killed Five-Year-Old Marwa In Karachi

The killer needs to be punished.

Police authorities have finally managed to apprehend the murderer of five-year-old Marwa, whose tortured body was found near Isa Nagri, Karachi a few days ago. It has now been revealed that the culprit behind this heinous crime was Marwa’s neighbor, Nawaz.

It is not long ago when the news of a five-year-old tortured and lifeless body surfaced on social media. The tragic incident shocked the nation to its core as people from all blocks of life demanded justice for Marwa.

According to reports, The child ventured out of home at 7 am all alone, to buy something from nearby shops. She never returned.

The innocent little girl was on her way home when she was abducted. The culprit raped the child, killed her by smashing her head with a heavy object, and then dumped her in a garbage site.



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Upon the police’s investigation, several suspects were detained, including the girl’s neighbor Nawaz. The police found Nawaz walking around the crime scene. The culprit claimed to be looking for plywood to cover his house’s roof.

However, upon further probing, the police discovered several pieces of evidence found at the scene that linked Nawaz to Marwa’s murder. According to reports, Nawaz’s house was washed thoroughly and curtains from Nawaz’s house were found in the garbage site.

There are images circulating of the minor’s body. Out of consideration for her loved ones, we urge people not to share it.

Culprit apprehended

Based on such evidence, Nawaz is being detained by the police for the murder of five-year-old Marwa. Since then, the public, including many famous showbiz celebrities, has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of this incident.

People are demanding swift justice against the culprit. Even PTI National Assembly member Amir Liaquat Hussain has expressed his outrage over the incident.

It remains to be seen if Marwa’s family will get justice and see the heinous murderer face the full extent of the law given the depraved nature of his crime.

Stay posted for more updates.


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