Police Officer To Take Legal Action Against ‘Delhi Crime’ Director Over Wrongful Portrayal

Someone’s not pleased with their portrayal on the hit crime show.

A Delhi Police official is preparing to take the director behind the hit Netflix web series ‘Delhi Crime’ to court for wrongfully depicting him as an irresponsible officer.

Delhi Crime has become one of the most watched Netflix shows in this region. Its story-line revolves around one of India’s most infamous rape cases in December 2012, and how the police investigated it.

However, Inspector Anil Sharma is not too thrilled about his portrayal in the crime series. He says he worked very hard to solve the case but was not happy with how his character took a backseat in the adaptation.


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Anil believes that his character in Delhi Crimes was misrepresented and fabricated, just so someone could make profits off it.

Sharma, who was then Station House Officer (SHO) at Vasant Vihar Police Station when the incident happened in 2012, says he’s now going to court against director Richie Mehta.

He insisted that his portrayal in the series as a dumb and irresponsible officer who receives a regular scolding from seniors and shrugs off responsibilities on jurisdiction is utterly wrong.

Sharma says he received commendations from the Police Department when he successfully solved the case in 2016 – but his character’s depiction in the Netflix show is derogatory, and an affront to his professional career

“Its something which cannot be tolerated.”


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The Case

While reflecting the hardships he faced during the investigation of the case, Sharma said:

“I lost my ailing father Harbans and elder brother during the trial. I was preparing my brother’s body for last rites, and I received a call from my senior officer about the case, I immediately skipped the last rites and reported to the officer without telling about the tragedy.”

In the drama series, Shefali Shah is featuring Vartika Chaturvedi – playing the part of DCP Chhaya Sharma, who led the actual investigation with her team, in 2012.

Written by Raza Rizvi


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