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Father of Motorway Rapist Claims Police Did Not Arrest Abid Malhi

Does this put a question mark on law enforcement agencies?

The father of the main suspect involved in the infamous Lahore Motorway incident Akbar Ali claims that his son was not captured by the police. He states that his son, Abid Malhi, turned himself in to end the harassment of the womenfolk in his family.


One of the most shocking incidents to have taken place in Pakistan, the gang-rape incident near Lahore Motorway was an appalling crime. The public was outraged upon discovering that two men had abused and tortured a mother of two. While one of the suspects, Shafqat Ali, was quickly picked up by the police, the other suspect proved to be evasive for a month.


Here’s How the Motorway Rapist Abid Malhi Was Finally Caught

The law authorities were determined to capture Abid Malhi at all costs. In an attempt to lure him out of hiding, the police started picking up the suspect’s family members for interrogations. Eventually, the police used his wife as bait to arrest him in Faisalabad.

However, Abid’s father has contested this version of events. Here’s what he says actually happened.

According to the father, Abid Malhi turned himself in to bring to an end the harassment of the women in his family.

“My son called me after a month at 3:30am and I pleaded with him to turn himself in as the entire family was in custody and police was harassing us.”

Akbar Ali also added that his son came to his place, prior to his capture, and consoled him that everything will be okay. The father boldly claims that during that time, the police were asleep on a roof as Abid woke them up and handed himself over to the authorities.

It is doubtful to believe the father’s claims but one thing is for certain, Abid Malhi is the prime suspect of the Lahore Motorway incident. People all over the country demand that he should be made an example out of.

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Written by Sher Alam


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