‘Polite Society’: Meet the Badass Women Redefining Feminism on the Big Screen

The Kung Fu/Saas-Bahu action comedy is a must watch this summer.

Polite Society, starring Nimra Bucha, Ritu Arya, and Priya Kansara, is a captivating British action comedy that has not only entertained the masses but also shed light on the dilemmas of the desi household that we can all relate to.

Aside from all the Kung Fu action, the film has resonated with viewers, highlighting the struggles, dreams, and growth experienced by brown girls in their quest to challenge societal norms.

Let’s delve into the valuable lessons imparted by some of these characters in this empowering cinematic journey.

Ria Khan – The Unyielding Dreamer

Ritu Arya’s character epitomizes passion, determination, and fearlessness. As an inspirational figure, she fearlessly pursues her unconventional aspirations, embodying the spirit of breaking barriers.

Ria’s unwavering commitment to her dreams, coupled with her deep love for her family, showcases her as an exemplary role model for young women worldwide.

Lena Khan – The Journey of Self-Discovery

Priya’s character portrays the journey of self-discovery and the acceptance of unforeseen paths. Dropping out of art school, Lena demonstrates that it is okay to veer away from societal expectations and embrace uncertainty.

Her story teaches us to trust in the support and love of those who genuinely care, guiding us toward finding our true selves.

Raheela Shah – The Complexity Within

Nimra Bucha is a powerhouse performer and she definitely shined onscreen as the villainous yet complex Raheela Shah.

Her character is a socially influential woman, with a complex personality behind her seemingly nurturing façade. Her character delves into the struggles faced by women who, despite their own sacrifices, may still perpetuate certain harmful ideologies.

Raheela’s cunning nature and unyielding determination remind us of the multifaceted nature of individuals within a society.

Polite Society not only captivates audiences with its compelling storyline but also imparts valuable life lessons through its diverse characters.

Ria’s unwavering determination, Lena’s journey of self-discovery, and Raheela’s complex nature, all contribute to a tapestry of lessons that resonate with viewers.

By exploring these characters’ stories, the film inspires individuals to challenge societal norms, pursue their dreams, and cherish the support and love of those around them.

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