Is Hamza Ali Abbasi Right in Defending Maria B and Her Husband?

Here’s what he said.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media to defend the famous fashion designer Maria B and her husband. In a long post on Facebook, he expressed how allegations of Maria purposefully sending a COVID-19 positive cook to their village disgusted him.

Absolutely disgusted by the behavior of authorities and media who in this time of crisis are creating chaos and making false accusations. These 2 are good ppl who have been wronged.

Maria B. and her husband Tahir Saeed have clarified the allegations of irresponsibly sending their cook to his village after testing positive for COVID-19. Reacting to the news circulating about her husband being tested positive she presented the laboratory report clearly mentioning that Tahir Saeed tested negative.

He further attested the facts that they both sent their cook for tests because they understood the severity of the matter.

After he tested positive, they insisted on keeping him in quarantine at their house which he refused. They allowed him to go back to his hometown on the condition that he would quarantine himself and not travel via public transport, paying him accordingly.

Read the full post on Facebook:

People are not convinced

While Hamza might be on their side, a lot of the other celebrities seem to disagree.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is known to take a stand and speak for what he believes in. Whether or not he’s right is completely subjective.

Do you agree with him? Let us know!


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Everybody has it’s own point of view but according to the situation it was necessary to involve authorities instead of send their cook back to home.. how irresponsible the cook is. Which is going to infect his own family and how irresponsible Mr.Tahir is who sent him back..
    Do they have equal IQ levels… where does education exist? It was a social crime.. Mr.Tahir not only left an infected patient of COVID19 in the society to die but he left him to infect other society members as well..
    Don’t sympathise them.. they are criminals.. they are answerable to all of us.
    We should show responsibility to break the chain…. Jaan hay to jahaan hay…

  2. Hamza Ali Abbasi don’t be judgmental in everything. You are not in others mind when they are doing things. In short you are not omnipresent just like God. If we know someone, it doesn’t mean we guarantee that person. In this world, don’t trust anybody. Just trust on God, he will be the one who will provide help to innocent. We r only human beings. We can’t be the judge. God is the sole authority for doing this.

  3. Disappointed from Hamza Ali Abbasi, for defending a criminal act by these so-called educated people.. Just because they are his friends.. Hamza you should know we have to answer the Almighty about our each and every statement.. Be careful.

  4. Bahi in this country u always protect ur pate brothers…Hamza is doing the same.Both husband and wife belongs to there farternity,therefore he is trying to protect them.Both so called educated persons husband and wife did wrong as per the law.No doubt about it.

  5. I stand by with Maria B.We all are in a detention phase.Even our PM is confused about lock down.So people should be given leverage of doing things in a right or wrong way.Becoz nobody knows how to tackle the situation.

  6. Look who is talking. Whenever he take side in any controversy the opposite side is always true and correct. Remember shark shall never bite a shark that is know as professional courtesy. Wrong is wrong either way you put it. Just admit power and influential people wins in this govt.

  7. If they had handed over the Cook to the authorities the news would have been, rich couple gets their cook arrested after he tests positive for covid-19. Every grownup is ultimately responsible for themselves and get’s to make their own decisions. The cook opted to not stay in the couple’s house and go back to his village, had the couple stopped him forcefully it would clearly have been a case of habeas corpus.
    Looking at people’s comments one can easily see parallels to a witch hunt here. Dynamics of fear at play.

  8. Criminal acts shall not be supported by so called righteous people. It’s not good for their reputation. What Maria B did will be now an example not to be followed. In every SOP this will be mentioned as don’ts.

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