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PSL Pays Tribute to Pakistan’s First Trangender TV Anchor Marvia Malik

These heroes are as diverse as Pakistan.

Despite that disappointing opening ceremony show, this time around Pakistan Super League (PSL) is making us proud with it’s ‘Hamaray Heroes‘ campaign.

The ‘Hamaray Heroes‘ campaign dedicates a segment of the PSL broadcast to a national hero. Some of these heroes are people we’ve heard of others are anonymous gems.


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In the latest edition of ‘Hamaray Heroes‘ PSL paid tribute to Pakistan’s first transgender woman news anchor, Marvia Malik.

While most people lauded PSL’s homage to this inspirational woman, some people were a bad-sport. Even PSL can’t fight all that bigotry and prejudice.

Regardless of what a few trolls had to say, Hamaray Heroes isn’t letting anything ‘strike them out’.


Hamaray Heroes

Cricket fans and netizens alike have lauded PSL’s Hamaray Heroes campaign. Not only is it a homage to known public figures but also a great way to educate the public on anonymous heroes.

The initiative has highlighted the works of people from all walks of life. From the world’s best cybersecurity expert, Shahmeer Ali to the fastest woman in South Asia, Naseem Hameed.

One of the first heroes was wrestler Inam Butt and just a few editions later we’re honoring Marvi Malik. How PSL’s ‘Hamaray Heroes‘ is as diverse as Pakistan itself.

Yet one thing all of these heroes have in common is that they have not been lauded for their work on a national platform. Regardless of their international accolades, these inspirational figures remain unheralded at home.



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PSL took the suggestions to pick these heroes. They even had a process for people to submit their nominations. Unfortunately for those that missed out the last date to submit nominations was February 16th.

Yet if you have an unsung hero you’d like to be honored we can try and get the word out to PSL somehow.



Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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