Public Trolls Hina Butt For Telling Hafeez to ‘Shut Up’

PML-N ex-parliamentarian told the cricketer to ‘shut up’ and to ‘play cricket and refrain from commenting on politics

Like many other Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters, Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Hafeez took to Twitter to praise Imran Khan following his vote of confidence win. However, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PML-N) Hina Butt bashed the cricketer over his political choice.

PML-N ex-parliamentarian, Hina Pervaiz Butt went after sportsman Mohammad Hafeez, after he praised Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media. What happened to freedom of speech and voicing your opinion?

Butt disparaged the cricketer over his tweet which described PM Imran Khan’s move to secure a vote of confidence from the parliament as a ‘master stroke’.

“Master stroke. #VoteOfConfidence @ImranKhanPTI,” tweeted Hafeez.


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When this tweet landed on the ex-parliamentarian’s radar, things got ugly. First Hina Butt opined that Pakistani cricket has become a ‘global laughing stock’ for a lapse in COVID-19 SOPs, called Imran Khan a ‘vote thief’, and then told Mohammad Hafeez to shut up.

“Pakistan [cricket] has become a laughing stock around the world for failing to implement Coronavirus SOPs and now you are supporting a vote thief,”

As the LUMS Alum told the cricketer to ‘shut up’ she called for him to ‘play cricket and refrain from commenting on politics’.


“It is better if you shut your mouth and play cricket and refrain from commenting on politics,” she tweeted.


Although Hina Butt might not like Mohammad Hafeez exercising his right to freedom of thought and free speech, the public stood up for the cricketer.


Netizens didn’t hold back either.



Some even trolled her back in return.



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Even her own supporters schooled the politician on others right to free speech.


Do you think Hina Butt was out of line, or too harsh? What do you think of her averse reaction to Mohammad Hafeez’s opinion?


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  1. Ofcourse she’s way out of line…PML-N are advertising themselves as the pioneers and official caretakers of “democracy”…Last I looked freedom of speech is a right not meant to be claimed but exist naturally in a democracy🤔

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