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Court Decides Not to Free Qandeel Baloch’s Killers

Murder most foul.


Family of slain social media star Qandeel Baloch has filed an affidavit in a local court of Multan asking for her killers to be set free. The development has been met with a lot of outrage on social media.

As per the affidavit submitted before the court, Qandeel’s parents have forgiven the killers of their daughter. It should be mentioned that the killers include her own brother and three other facilitators.

The parents requested the court to stop any further proceedings in the case. And that the case against the killers should be rejected.


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The affidavit further states that since the Anti-Honor Killing Laws (Criminal Amendment Bill) was passed after the Qandeel Baloch murder, therefore it does not come into effect in this particular case.

Law Against Honor Killings

The Anti-Honor Killing Laws (Criminal Amendment Bill) was passed in October 2016. It ensures “honor Killers” to be sentenced for life in prison whether family of the deceased person forgives them or not.

In the affidavit submitted, Qandeel Baloch parents say that allegations of killing her over honor aren’t true, therefore the killers should be set free.

Following the submission of this plea, the court issued summon notices to counsels of both the parties.


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Qandeel Baloch Murder

Qandeel Baloch was murdered in 2016 by her brother Waseem for allegedly bringing dishonor to the Baloch name. The social media star used to share her exploits on social media, which apparently did not sit well with some members of her family.

It should be mentioned that Qandeel’s family come from a very poor background. Qandeel turned to social media as a way to support her family’s financially.

Qandeel Baloch’s father had earlier announced not to forgive his son after the Anti-Honor Killing Laws (Criminal Amendment Bill) was passed by the two houses of the parliament. Mohammad Azeem, father of Qandeel, had earlier stated that he would be happy to see killers of his daughter imprisoned for life or get death sentence.

Court Rejects Affidavit

According to reports just coming in, the Model Court has decided not to free the killers.

The court in Multan has rejected Qandeel Baloch’s parents appeal to acquit their son. They told the court today that they have forgiven their son only and not the other three accused. They demanded strict punishment for the rest of the accused.

The court rejected their appeal and adjourned the case till Saturday.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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