‘Qayamat’ Wraps Up with the Internet Lauding Ahsan Khan’s Performance!

Drama serial ‘Qayamat finally came to an end with some bittersweet moments.

Drama serial Qayamat finally came to an end with some bittersweet moments. Rashid (Ahsan Khan) confesses to his sins and repents, giving Ifrah (Neelum Munir) a much-needed closure.

But which ship finally sailed into the sunset?  Rashid-Ifrah or Jawad-Ifrah? Well they might have been decommissioned.


Neelam Muneer Is Smashing ‘Bahu’ Conventions In ‘Qayamat’

Directed by Ali Faizan and written by Sarwat Nazeer, the GeoEntertainment production had people hooked till the end.

Qayamat had a good run, watching all the characters grow, particularly Rashid’s transformation at the end.

How was there a sudden change of heart for Rashid? He almost died! Surviving a fatal encounter made him amend his ways. The remorse of killing Samra (Amar Khan) and almost dying himself,  what made Rashid confess to his sins.

Twitter Reacts to Last Episode of ‘Qayamat’

Twitter was flooded with people lauding Ahsan Khan’s performance as Rashid. The character growth and the emotionally loaded performance had us all triggered.


Rashid’s confession of purposely ruining Ifrah and Jawad’s marriage left the drama serial with an open ending. While some expected Ifrah to return to Rashid after his ‘moment of truth’, many fans are shipping Ifrah and Jawad.

Their love could potentially get another chance. Looks like the creators opted for a non-polarizing ending, allowing the viewers to imagine the characters make the decisions they’d hope for.


Did you hope Ifrah will forgive Rashid and give him yet another chance? After giving him one too many chances already? Or did you hope for the truth to compensate for the obvious communication gap that existed in Jawad and Ifrah’s relationship?


Is Neelam Muneer’s Qayamat Taking an Odd Turn?

People also pointed out problematic ‘realities’ in the drama serial despite Rashid meeting a fitting end.


Qayamat did try to establish you reap what you sow. So at least there’s one good takeaway.

What’s the ending you wanted? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Neelam was the absolute star of this drama .
    I loved the strong no nonsense taking of this character. Ahsaan khan was also very good.

  2. Ifrah should forgive Rashid, as Rashid has reaped whatever he had sown. Ifra should never ever reture to Jawad b/s Jawad had broken an innocent heart. Ifra could nourish Sana as loving mather while being Jawad’s wife. But he had no trust in her. So I think Ifra should move on with Rashid, he is now turned from rust to gold.

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