Ranveer Singh Makes a Bizarre Fashion Statement at NBA All-Stars Game [Pictures]

Is that ‘Gully Boy’ or a parrot?

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh had the internet in fits with his outlandish outfit that he wore at the NBA All-stars game in Utah.

Ranveer is back to his usual chichorapan as he wore every color he could find in his wardrobe. The Indian actor became a literal Rangeela Babu as he wore a pink puffer jacket over another blue puffer jacket, over a yellow top with blue bell bottoms and neon green shoes.

He completed his look with white clout glasses and a blue rain cap. The Gully Boy star is known for his “eccentric” style but this one takes the cake.

Ranveer Singh is known for his unconventional fashion sense, and is no stranger to making bold statements with his outfits. However, his latest outfit has certainly divided opinion among fans and fashion critics alike.

ranveer singh

ranveer singh

His post were flooded with memes and comments about the outfit, with many users questioning whether Singh was trying to make a statement or simply trying to grab attention.

ranveer singh

One Twitter user commented, “Ranveer Singh has taken the ‘dress to impress’ rule a bit too seriously,” while another said, “I don’t know what’s more shocking – the neon green shoes or the fact that he’s wearing two puffer jackets!”

Despite the backlash, Ranveer Singh appeared to be in good spirits at the NBA event and was seen posing for photos with international celebrities and enjoying the NBA All-stars game.

Ranveer Singh is be one of the most popular stars in the world, and is married to the most popular Bollywood actress in the industry, Deepika Padukone. Known for his charisma and quirky looks, the 37-year-old is a phenomenal actor but his sense of style is all over the place.

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