Ride and Die: Wife Donated Her Kidney To Save Husband

Love you more than life taken literally!

Wife Donated Her Kidney

There are plenty of celebrity couples that get hyped up, biut it’s actually normal people that offer major couple goals. Like a Karachi-based couple made headlines when the wife donated her kidney to her husband.

Asma Siraj donated her kidney to her husband Omer after doctors declared that his kidney will no longer be functioning properly.Doctors told Omer that his failing kidneys would require a transplant or dialysis.

This prompted his wife to donate her kidney to Omer so that he could live a healthy, normal life. Despite going to a donor and requesting them, Asma insisted that she donate her kidney to her husband. She also convinced her husband Omer to let her follow through with this difficult decision.

Based in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area, Asma Siraj and Omer are serving as major couple goals with the woman’s true love and sacrifice.

They not only share love but now a kidney.

Similar Story

There have been similar stories in the past when women loved their husbands so much that they donated their kidneys to save their lives.

Back in November 2021, a Dallas couple had a similar story as a wife donated her kidney to her husband. After almost 52 years of marriage, they proved to be a perfect match. When Harry was a perfect tissue match for Liz Joe’s kidney.

Liz Joe donated one of her kidneys to her husband, Harry who has had Type 2 diabetes for more than three decades. The illness led to chronic kidney disease and failure and he needed a transplant.

As fate would have it, his wife saved his life.


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  1. Just needed such a partner in my life
    This is insane man
    In these critical days of life we never Expect such a great Alter from a Lady Women Appreciated that 👍❤️

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