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Rooh Afza Is Now Available As a Carbonated Drink for PIA Passengers

Our national beverage, canned and carbonated!!!

Rooh Afza Go

Rooh Afza is Pakistan’s national beverage (undisputed, and unofficial). Now Pakistan International Airline is all set to serve the beverage in a can, and they are calling this carbonated version of the drink Rooh Afza Go.

We all know the best way to make anything more readily available and easier to slurp down, is to put in a can. And it seems the makers have Rooh Afza have done just that.

This version in a can has a little extra kick too. Rooh Afza Go is also carbonated. We can’t help but think, will it taste like carbonated fruit?

Rooh Afza Go, national beverage
Canned Rooh Afza Go

While the rose syrup drink is symbolic to Pakistan, it’s just as popular in the rest of South Asia in general.


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Just in Time for Ramzan

Rooh Afza Go’s launch is perfectly timed with Ramzan just a few days away.

When we think carbonated beverages, drinks like 7up, Marinda, Pepsi, and others come to mind. How will Rooh Afza tie into that?

Rooh Afza Go launch
Rooh Afza Go launch
Rooh Afza Go launch with PIA
Rooh Afza Go launch with PIA
PIA launches Rooh Afza Go
PIA launches Rooh Afza Go

Rooh Afza on the Go

Back to Rooh Afza Go’s main launch, the canned drink has partnered up with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The national airline will serve every passenger onboard their plane with this carbonated version of the national drink.

Rooh Afza Go carbonated drink PIA
Rooh Afza Go partner up with PIA


Guess What the National Juice of Pakistan Is?

Rooh Afza Go will not be the only carbonated drink served onboard PIA aircraft. All other soft-drinks that were already being served will still be available.

We’re not sure how we feel about our favorite rose syrup drink going carbonated? It is an interesting move by the company but the market will decide if Rooh Afza Go has to get or it gets to stay.

This fizzy version of Rooh Afza is expected to be sold in the market later on.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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