Sabeeka Imam Calls Out Double Standard on Celeb Opinions

Do you agree with her?

Sabeeka Imam

Pakistani model Sabeeka Imam called out people for trolling celebs but not being able to hear out their opinions. She’s calling out the double standards.

The Queen actress tweeted;

“Aap log sab humein bura bhala kahein to woh sab thek hai lekin main as an artist koi opinion doon to main ‘jealous’? Salman Khan ki baat sach hai … main karon to saala charater dheela hai.”


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This statement seems to be the follow up to her recent tweet about Azaan Sami Khan. Point blank she just called out how the music producer can debut opposite revered stars like Sajal Ali and Yumna Zaidi with no prior acting experience.

“So it seems like you need zero onscreen acting experience and you could also debut with both the AMAZING Yumna and Sajal. Mujhe bhi itni hi achi LUCK chahiye where I don’t have to earn it or prove myself first & it just gets handed to me on a plate! 🤣👏🏼”

While many agreed with the Sherdil actor, some called her jealous.

That’s why Sabeeka Imam is now calling out how she can’t express an unpopular opinion, but Netizens get a free pass for trolling.

Even now Netizens are showing support for the model-cum-actress and her previous tweet. Might not be unpopular opinion after all.


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Supermodel Sabeeka Imam has had brief acting stints in Pakistani drama. However, she had a cameo in Bollywood movie Queen that somewhat gained her notoriety as an actor.

She then landed a supportive role in Sherdil. Let’s see when she’ll return to the screen.


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