Sajal Aly and Shabana Azmi Have A Sweet Exchange On Social Media

We spotted Sajal having a heartfelt conversation with Indian veteran actress Shabana Azmi.

Like Yumna Zaidi, Sajal Aly has been quite lucky in her career. She has always found the best characters and projects that she played at her best. 

Sajal has been garnering quite a lot of fame across the border as well due to her exceptional acting skills. She appeared in the Indian movie Mom with Sridevi and Adnan Siddiqui. Aly did extremely well in the movie and bagged many accolades from Pakistan as well as India.

Since then her talents are cherished and appreciated in every project she does. Recently, Sajal achieved another milestone when she acquired a role in Jemima Goldsmith’s “What Love Has Got To Do With It?”

The movie has just been released and people are showering praises on Sajal. Meanwhile, the Yaqeen Ka Safar actress’s chemistry with the entire cast has been quite mushy. We spotted Sajal having a heartfelt conversation with Indian veteran actress Shabana Azmi on social media.

Azmi wrote

“Lovely lovely Sajal Aly”

To which Aly replied

“Miss you already. Can’t wait to see you again”

In the pictures, Shabana Azmi is seen kissing Sajal’s hand at the premier of What Love Has Got To Do With It?.

Sajal was also captured with Imran Khan’s sons Kasim and Suleiman.

Prior to this, in the Indian movie, Mom Sajal had developed the same fondness and a sweet bond with late Sridevi as well.

Sajal has a long way to go!

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  1. God made her personality sober, gave her telent and she can be prominent in any gathering without any efforts. Her features are attractive and appealingly. One can find her better performer then many of actresses in her line if trade because of her control and command on facial expressions and dialogue delivery. Unfortunately as she do not know how her fans want to see her. Same as he given above, Sober, elegant and decent. Unfortunately she prefer to be vulgar in attire and cheep in behaviour. No sense of dressings and no care of nudity. She and her sister Saboor both act cheep and appear in valgurity where both have decent personality. Both try to display body parts to gain attention.

  2. Very pleased to see her with Shabana Azmi , my husband named my daughter Shabana , Bollywood’s respected star !!