Sajal Aly Prepares Delicious Meals for Family During Self-Isolation [Pictures]

Find out what she cooked for her husband.

Sajal Aly

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir got married on March 14th, just a week before a total lockdown was imposed in Pakistan.

The couple went into self-isolation soon after their marriage, but they’re making the best of the situation. It seems like they’re enjoying this quality time together.

But that’s not all! It seems like Sajal has already turned on her wifey mode on full velocity!



The actress from Alif shared her cooking skills with short videos and pictures on her Instagram stories. She is apparently spending her time during this lockdown cooking delicious and healthy meals like okra.



Mixed in with other vegetables, the Aangan actress took to Instagram to inform her husband that the food was ready. She might not be a typical desi wife, but by the look of things, she sure has some on-point cooking skills.



While the couple might be having fun, they did not ignore the seriousness of the situation. Both the husband and the wife took to social media to spread awareness and encourage fans to remain calm.

Sajal wrote,

It’s all in our hands. It might be a scary time but remember, we are all in this together.
The solution is simple.
Stay home.
Wash your hands. For 20 seconds!
Keep your distance from others as much as possible.
Support our government in taking the right steps.
Urge everyone you know to take it seriously.
I know we can sure as hell beat it together.

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