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Salman Khan Is 53 Years Old And He Can Still Do Splits! [Video]

The mega-star proves age is just a number.

Salman Khan splits

Your flexibility is supposed to wear out after 18 years, but Salman Khan is still flexing those joints even at 53.

Don’t believe us? The mega-star recently posted a picture of his work-out regime, complete with him doing the splits.

Salman Khan is Fit As a Fiddle

The Khan has always set records at the box office. Now he’s setting fitness benchmarks. Bhai is proving that his sculptured built is not just for show.

The Sultan star is crossing such thresholds in his 50s.

Sallu bhai often shares his workout regime, and we know she’s big on strength and flexibility when it comes to training.


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Fans are just awestruck with Salman’s form. The actor really is in his prime.

People pointed out how age really is just a number.

Fitness goals, and fitness inspiration.

A Pakistani fan had a quirky way of showing admiration.



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And of course, there were some fan girls too.

Its truly unbelievable. Guess Salman Khan and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan could go for a long trek one of these days.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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