Sana Fakhar’s Photoshoot for 23 March Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons [Video]

“Roza Kharab”

Yesterday Pakistan’s Resolution Day was celebrated all around the country along with the arrival of Ramadan. Along with many other celebrities, Sana Fakhar celebrated 23rd March in her own unique way and got traction on the internet. The video of the photoshoot of Sana using the Pakistani Flag as a prop went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Here is the video below,

In the video, Sana can be seen clad in a white Kurta Shalwar with a cornrow’s braided hairstyle posing with Ali Azmat’s famous song Azadi in the background. She used Flag as a prop for the photoshoot which enraged many netizens for misusing and disrespecting Pakistan’s flag.

Here are a few harsh comments by the keyboard warriors below,

Sana Fakhar has been a household name in Pakistan’s entertainment industry for many years. She started her career as a model and later transitioned to acting, where she achieved immense success.

Her popularity isn’t just limited to her acting skills. She is also known for her fashion sense and impeccable style. Fans look up to her for inspiration on how to dress up in the latest trends.

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