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Sana Javed Will Play a Doctor In “Ruswai”

We are looking forward to this one.

Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar will be teaming up for an upcoming drama titled “Ruswai”.

The drama, which is set to go on air on 25th of this month, will feature Mikaal Zulfiqar as a pilot and Sana Javed as a doctor. The drama serial was previously titled as Zard Bahar.

Talking about her role in the drama serial, Sana said that she will play a strong-willed woman who is dead sure about every move in her life. She added that her character, Dr. Samira, is close to her family especially her father.

“Dr. Samira is a very headstrong woman and knows what she wants to do in life. She’s very confident and makes sure to take a stand for what’s right and raise her voice, be it for herself or anyone else. She is very close to her family but is the closest to her father. It’s a happy family.”


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“Ruswai” Features an important Message For Everyone

Sana Javed said that her character has a strong message for the society i.e. not to impose your choices on your daughter, sister or wife. Furthermore, she said that this character gave her strength.

“The character is very impactful. I like to think of myself as a strong person but playing this character actually gave me so much strength and courage. That’s how she is. And that is the message she will give viewers. That don’t impose anything on women that they don’t want, be they your daughter, sister, wife or friend.”

Moreover, Sana Javed added that a woman shouldn’t be deprived of her due rights. When women are deprived of their due rights their hope and confidence gets shattered inside them.

Sana Javed Wants Women to Get Their Due

The Khaani famed actress said that the woman fighting for her rights isn’t the bad but rather it’s the one who has snatched away her rights.

“[A woman] is usually not fighting for the wrong thing but her right and that shouldn’t be taken away because her hope and confidence will die inside. And if something bad happens to a woman in our society it should not be made into a taboo and treated like it was her fault. She didn’t do something wrong, something wrong was done unto her. If a woman is fighting for her rights, she is not the bad person. The bad person is the one trying to take her rights away.”

Although, there is still very little know about the drama but it said to be a drama revolving around a Pilot and a Doctor. The Pilot (Mikaal Zulfiqar) later falls in love with Dr. Samira (Sana Javed).

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Written by Arslan Khattak


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