Sanam Marvi’s Divorce Approved By Lahore Family Court

She claimed that her husband’s behavior had changed after their marriage.

Sanam Marvi's Khula Plea

Sanam Marvi filed for a khula (divorce) recently, from her husband of almost ten years, in Lahore Family Court. Sanam claims that she was subjected to verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her husband Hamid Ali.

The folk and sufi singer has three kids with her now ex-husband. Even though she maintained the relationship with her husband for the sake of their children, she decided that it was time to part ways.

I was putting up with his abuse for the sake of my children. It is no longer possible for me to be with my husband.

A lot of the women suffer through domestic abuse without taking any legal actions, in hopes of keeping their children safe. Sanam Marvi has set an example for women in Pakistan to stand up against such abuse and put an end to it.

Even though Hamid Ali had denied all allegations and claimed that he had been a responsible husband and a father. With advocate Hamid Maqbool defending Sanam’s case, judge Sana Afzal gave the decree for Khula.

Sanam Marvi’s khula plea being approved by the court is a step in the right direction. Have anything to add? Let us know!

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Though at times things are really adverse for women but under all circumstances men are blamed for being abusive. But no one ever asks the question that why an otherwise loving husband & caring father changed 360 degrees. What made him turn around?????

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