‘Sasti Heroine’, Hira Mani Under Fire For Her Rain-Drenched Sarri

Netizens couldn’t see the star enjoying the rain.

Hira Mani often invites trolling for her controversial comments. And almost always she remains in a pickle for saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time. She too often falls prey to trolls because of her dressing sense as well. And once again the diva became a target of brutal trolling and mocking because of her recent clicks in rain-drenched Sarri.

Hira Mani is one of the actresses who is adored and loved for her righteous yet miserable characters. She has won many hearts countrywide with her perfect acting skills. The diva has given many back-to-back hits to the industry such as Dil Mom Ka Dia, Sun Yara, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Do Bol, Ghalti, and Kashaf.

Along with being an actress she is also a singer but seems like singing is not just her cup of tea, fans are finding it hard to appreciate her singing skills.

The star is often active on social media and keeps sharing her daily life clicks with her fans and followers. And usually gets traction from netizens for all the wrong reasons. She is never afraid of experimenting with new things with her looks.

Recently the Sawaari crooner shared some of her lovely clicks playing in rain draped in gorgeous blue sarri. And we are in awe of how amazing she can look even drenched in rain. Take a look!

As soon as the pictures went viral on the internet the moral police came into action and start slamming her with harsh remarks. Here are a few comments below.


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  1. That’s the good way to enjoy rainy day ,hira don’t get worried with such social media comments,weley logon ka kaam tu yeh hai

  2. AJ Sy Kuch Arsa Pehly Meri Fvrt thi Hira Lakin jb sy jism Dekhana start kiya h dil krta h Tumhen Jooty maro

      • Literally disgusting tbh. Really don’t know why people comment such kinda ridiculous stuff. Quite shameful. It’s totally upto her what she wanna wear, It’s her choice. You guys have no right to judge her on the basis of her dressing. Unfortunately, it’s reality in Pak, Majority people are judgemental over here, can’t be changed, coz it’s in their blood. Atleast grow up guys. #STOP BEING IMMATURE # STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL.

  3. Freedom of expression 2022,aurat march exposed,women killed more than 80% men mostly husbands below age 60 years,due to social aggression.

  4. People have no shame when it comes to comments. Shows how jahil and uncultured our awam is. Parhay likhay jahil kee tarha comment Kia howa hai.

    I agree she doesn’t look good or that her dressing is very open and that it’s not ethical and religiously nice but I won’t say that stuff or ruin my tongue bcz of that!

    She’s a human. People should mind their languages for their sake. :/ Akhirat main Kia kahain gay.

  5. Very sad to see such disgusting comments from Pakistani people , even Girls have such bad language

    her outer looks are not appealing and fahash?? , I think The Awaaam’s Inner Self is even more disgusting than anything else.
    Mind your own business and leave such dirty comments for someone only when you are perfect in every way yourself!

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