Shaan Shahid Is Not Happy About Shahrukh Khan Doing “The Lion King”

Here’s why.


Shahrukh Khan and his son —Aryan Khan— will be lending their voices for the Hindi version of the upcoming animated film “The Lion King”. And Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has some thoughts regarding it.

Both the father and son duo will voice another father-son duo from the films, the characters of “Mufasa” and “Simba” respectively. The news was shared by Shahrukh himself last month.


Shahrukh Khan and Son Will Voice Mufasa and Simba in “The Lion King”

Someone’s Not Too Thrilled

King Khan took to Twitter to share a short clip of his son’s voice over from the movie.

While everyone, from Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh to Karan Johar, all appreciated Aryan Khan but someone was clearly not happy.

It was none other than Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid who didn’t get it.The actor replied to Shahrukh Khan on Twitter and asked him not to destroy an iconic movie with a hindi version.


Shaan Shahid Has More Advice for Shahrukh Khan

It wasn’t the only time Shaan has responded to Shahrukh Khan. After a couple of disappointing movies at the box office, the “Mai Hoon Na” actor had decided to take a break from films.

Shaan Shahid advised him that an actor should never lose confidence


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So we’re not exactly sure if Shaan Shahid is giving some friendly advice to Bollywood badshah, or something else. But given how easy and accessible Twitter has made it to respond to your favorite celebrities, Shaan just couldn’t resist the chance to air his thoughts about how much he loves the original The Lion King. Perhaps this is a good thing.


The Lion King has opened to mixed reviews. Most people love how similar it is to the original animated version, and most people hate it for the same reason as well. But even then, critics believe that the movie will do pretty well at the box office.


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Written by Arslan Khattak


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