Shahid Afridi Shares a Cute Moment With His Daughters

We can’t deny this man’s love for his daughters.

shahid afridi

Shahid Afiridi’s bond with his daughters is just like how you would imagine it to be – a sweet father daughter relationship.

He adores his daughters and loves boasting about them like the cool dad he is. And with his youngest daughter around, it is getting even more adorable.

Shahid shared a picture of himself with his daughters Arwa and Asmara and the caption is the most lovely thing you’ll read today.

“Blessed to be surrounded by my angels Arwa and Asmara. Asmara was waiting for Arwa to wake-up and give her that million dollar smile.”

This is not just a heart-melting parent-child moment, but it is also a wonderful expression of a sibling’s love for each other. The way the elder sister waited for her little sister to wake up is just priceless.
“So much joy and love my daughters give me, they make my mornings and my whole day worth it. May Allah bless them.
The photo has been stealing hearts on the internet. It has already received so many adorable reactions from his fans and followers that we simply can’t get enough of it.


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