‘Shame!’: PML-N Senator Sabir Shah Struggles to Deliver a Speech at UN Session [Video]

Pakistan Muslim League-Noon (PML-N) hit a new low as Senator Sabir Shah embarrasses himself and Pakistan at the United Nation’s International Migration Forum in New York, USA. The Senator badly exposed his illiteracy in English, failing to read out his speech at the UN.

Recently, five senators, representing Pakistan, participated in the UN-sponsored International Migration Forum. The UN forum took place in the city of New York in United States. The quadrennial Immigration Review Forum began on May 17 and will continue on till May 20. Hosted by the President of the UN General Assembly, the forum consists of four interactive multi-stakeholder round tables, a plenary and a policy dialogue.

Senator Sabir Shah was to deliver a speech as a representative of Pakistan. However, our government failed to prep the senator, resulting in an awkward and embarrassing speech that the UN moderator had to cut short.

Sabir Shah kept clearing his throat, repeating sentences and skipped over several important paragraphs from his speech. Eventually, the PML-N senator was reprimanded for taking too much time.

Netizens took to the comments to share their frustrations and second-hand embarrassment over the speech. People felt Sabir shamed the entire nation on an international platform. Here’s what people had to say about Sabir Shah’s speech at the UN.

What do you think about PML-N Senator Sabir Shah’s awkward speech at the UN International Migration Forum in New York? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. Wo suna tha aik br jb Iftkhar thakur ny kaha tha …
    K ” Shishy da mulk a Lohara dey hath wech ” ye hein wo sary lohar beghert

  2. Did you ever bothered to observe any thing like this in any US or international media heading; A US Senator badly exposed his illiteracy in Urdu, failing to read out his speech in any forum at Islamabad……….basically Pakistani netizens are mentally subservient to west and can be characterized as suffering from chronic inferiority complex……sabir shah should have proudly delivered his speech in his national language.

    • Are You telling me there are no people who can speak English in Pakistan???? Basically he is illiterate like Nawaz Sharif. SHAME on Pakistan it is now a laughing stick of the world.

  3. Let the foreign minister be shown the disgrace this person brought to our country. There was no harm he should have given his speech in Urdu or Pashto as there is always an interpreter but the moderator had to be informed in such a case. Whosoever nominated him must be taken to task. Free joyride and in return disgrace brought back on a global platform

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