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Shamoon Abbasi to Star in Web Series about Pakistan’s Most Notorious Serial Killer

He will portray Javed Iqbal, the infamous killer of 100 children.

Shamoon Abbasi to Play Serial Killer of 100 Children in Next Stint |

It seems that veteran Pakistani actor Shamoon Abbasi has a knack for tackling taboo topics in web series.

Just a few days before, we reported about Shamoon’s preparations for a web serial based on the story of a mega-money launderer who used top models for the job. He also portrayed a real-life cannibal in feature film Durj.

And now, he is already hard at work, producing a web series on the life story of heinous serial killer Javed Iqbal.

Javed Iqbal was a murderer who killed 100 children in the late nineties, ultimately surrendering himself when the police failed to find him.


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Shamoon’s Latest Web Series

Without giving away any information about the cast and the release date of ‘The Legend of Jawed Iqbal,’ the actor tweeted a poster that said “coming soon.”

The upcoming web series will be directed and produced by the Shamoon himself who is also playing the lead role.

The caption reads:

“The most notorious serial killer of Pakistan, had a story to tell How many of us know it? ‘The legend of JAWED IQBAL’ a web series from Pakistan that narrates a bone-chilling journey of a serial killer that killed exactly 100 children and surrendered himself. Who was JAWED IQBAL?”

Jawed Iqbal, the Serial Killer

Javed Iqbal after he surrendered himself to the authorities.

Jawed has long being regarded as one of the most notorious yet mysterious serial killers in Pakistani history. He remained at large even after sexually abusing and killing young children aged between six and sixteen until he surrendered himself in early 2000.

The police found that after abusing the children, he could strangle them and dissolve their remains in acid containers. Numerous containers were found at his residence during the time of his arrest.

Jawed was sentenced to death for his crimes. However, he was found dead in his cell days before he was to be executed.


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Written by Raza Rizvi


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