Shaniera Akram Reacts to Cannoli Scandal With Humor and Class

Shaniera bhabi won’t stand bullying!

Shaniera Akram is stepping in as the bhabi we need, following the Cannoli Cafe Soul incident that has the public infuriated. As usual, she reacted to the incident with thoughtfulness and playfulness.

This Aussie challenged the owners of Cannoli Cafe Soul to an ‘English challenge’ just as they did to their manager.

Shaniera took to her Instagram to respond to the shameful incident at the Islamabad eatery. The philanthropist posted nonchalantly how she’s bored too, so how ’bout an English challenge, eh?


Owners of Islamabad Cafe Slammed For Publicly Insulting Manager Over His English [Video]

Australian slang and expressions can be a challenge to understand for native English speakers from other parts of the world. Do you think the owners of Cannoli Cafe Soul stood a chance?

“I’m bored too so I challenge you ladies to an English competition.”

Shaniera Akram hilariously responds to Cannoli Cafe Soul owners

Pakistan’s bhabi wasn’t going to stand someone being a bully and as always she lightened the mood with her savage sense of humor.

The philanthropist was last seen working with the Fred Hollow Foundation to aid women with blindness, as well as helping those 4 out of 5 cases that suffer from treatable blindness.

She also promoting Sarsabz Kahani’s first short film about the a real ‘sheroe’ Nazo Dharejo. The Sindh farmer.

“Makes one realize that women in every community are faced by challenges. However, those in agriculture who are responsible for providing foods to our tables, are facing additional hurdles. Only stories like Nazo can give them the courage to raise their voice and become the face of valor that they so desperately want as a guiding light. Hats off to Sarsabz for being the voice of the farmers.”

Sarsabz is set to bring more green stories in a series.


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