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Shehzad Roy Comes to the Aid of His Friend Wasu Khan [Video]

The singer also took him to meet the CM of Balochistan.

Shehzad Roy

The past week we came across the story of Wasu Khan. He is the legendary Balochi singer who appeared in famous Shehzad Roy songs like Apne Ullo Kitne Tedhe and Beya Beya.

Wasif revealed in an interview that he had been going through a financial crisis and asked the Chief Minister Balochistan to lend a helping hand.


His story took over social media, and people had been wondering why the Laga Reh singer hasn’t been in touch with his old friend. Some were outraged at the humanitarian for neglecting Wasu and not providing him with the financial assistance that he needs.



Since his story went viral, it reached the CM of Balochistan, who promised Wasu financial aid. The spokesperson of the Government of Balochistan, Liaquat Shahwani, took to his Twitter account to announce the good news.

Shahwani reported that the CM of Balochistan will provide him with financial assistance and medical treatment.


Shehzad Roy clarifies his role

Recently, Roy took to his Twitter account to reveal that he has been in touch with the legendary Baloch singer for the past decade.

last ten years I was constantly in touch with Wasu til my whole family got Corona. He did not call me,he said he didn’t want to trouble me more & wanted help from the govt. So I have come to Quetta to meet him,he asked me to take him to the CM,who v met,Here is Wasu sharing his story.

In the video that the singer posted, Wasu says that he had to sell the house gifted to him by Roy. The Tera Mukhra singer also got his son a job that he later lost due to some illness.

Wasu also added that he did not want to trouble Shehzad Roy after his family fell ill due to the coronavirus.


The 43-year-old singer, social worker, and humanitarian also arranged a meeting with the CM Jam Kamal Khan. Mr. Jam Kamal assured his financial support for Wau.

Wasu and I met the CM today and Wasu informed him that he has sold the land,I had bought for him & requested CM to give him a house. @jam_kamal assured that he will do his best to help him . We also discussed about education reforms in #Balochistan



Kudos to Shehzad Roy for not leaving his old friend Wasu Khan’s side. Here’s to hoping the Baloch singer recovers from the financial crisis he has been going through.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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