Sherry Rehman Shares Picture of Biryani Perfume, People Go Nuts

Would you want to smell like biryani?

If there’s one thing Pakistanis love and crave, it’s biryani! That warm spicy plate of rice with a big ‘boti’ and some delicious chuttni is enough to make your mouth water. Admit it, your mouth is watering right now as you read this.

This dish has its own signature smell and fragrance that just brings people together. But would you wear it as a perfume? That is the question, posed by Sherry Rehman on Twitter when tweeted a picture of a perfume called ‘Le Biryani – with aloo.’

The concept art of Le Biryani perfume was made by Pakistani artist DigInk.



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Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), netizens are onboard with the idea. Here are some reactions to the post:

Though, the ‘aloo’ is a polarizing addition to the dish, a biryani perfume doesn’t sound so bad. As the saying goes, “We are what we eat”. There are different perfume companies releasing scents related to candies and chocolate, so why not biryani!

The fragrance is mesmerizing and for all the struggling pindi boys out there, simply irresistible. So watch out ladies, if you smell biryani in the room, it may just be another ‘Raja jee.’


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