Unbelievable: Robbers Use Biryani to Break into House in Karachi

Meet the Biryani Bandits.

Our parents always told us never to accept candy from a stranger. You could replace candy with biryani but the point still holds up well. And guess what, they were right. Recently, a group of robbers attempted to pull a heist on an unsuspecting home-owner with just a plate of biryani!

The incident took place in Karachi’s Baloch Colony on Saturday. The four robbers were well-aware of people’s love for some spicy biryani and used it as bait to sneak into someone’s home.

The plan was for one of the robbers to impersonate as a neighbor delivering the delicious rice dish as a friendly neighbourly gesture while the other goons sneak into the house.

The owner took the plate and closed the gate. Meanwhile, the impersonator signaled his accomplices to join him as soon as the owner comes out to return the plate.

By this time, the mesmerizing scent of biryani had worn off from the home-owner as he came to his senses and closed the door just in time. The four robbers were unsuccessful and had to flee away from the house.


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In the end, the homeowner was victorious as he enjoyed some deliciously biryani with the family, courtesy of the ‘Biryani Bandits’. In a way, the four robbers got a bit of good karma out of the incident as they didn’t end up in prison and earned some ‘sawab’ for providing a plate of biryani to the home-owner’s family.

Everybody wins!


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Written by Sher Alam


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