Sindhi Woman Marries Her Chinese Teacher

Best wishes for the couple.

Sindhi woman

When it comes to love, there is no such thing as boundaries, culture or race. And when this love becomes strong enough to withstand anything, it leads to marriage.

Bi-racial marriages have been frowned upon since times immemorial. And specially in a country like ours, where these relationships are built on the basis of caste and creed, there are a few people who have fought against the odds and married their partners from different racial backgrounds.

Such is the story of Falak Naz Miano, a Sindhi woman from Pakistan who married her Chinese partner.


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According to reports relayed on December 26, 2019, Dr. Falak Naz Miano, who is the daughter of a retired professor of Agricultural University Tando Jam, has married her Chinese teacher Dr. Xinchao.

Falak holds a Masters degree in Crop Production from Agricultural University Jamshoro and got enrolled at a Chinese university for her PhD three years ago. The couple met there as a student and teacher, and they grew fond of each other with the passage of time.

Falak also happens to be the first Sindhi woman to ever marry a Chinese, which is a big wow moment. We don’t often see this type of courage.

The Nikah ceremony took place at a local hotel in Hyderabad, where the other wedding events were performed according to the traditional Sindhi customs.

After staying for a week in Hyderabad, the couple will return to China and continue their studies.


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