Single Women Over 30 Are Being Offered ‘Dating Leaves’ in China

Does this give new meaning to the word ‘professional set up?’

dating leaves china

Dating leaves is a thing, well at least it is in China. Two Chinese companies that run a Song dynasty-themed tourist attraction in eastern China have debuted this new policy.

The companies named Hangzhou Songcheng Performance and Hangzhou Songcheng Tourism Management will now provide unmarried female employees above 30 years of age ‘dating leave’.

This is to encourage women to go out there and find partners.


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Dating Leaves?

Based on reports from a Chinese media outlet, the two companies issued the notice that announced this change in policy, allowing 8 extra leaves for this purpose. The leave can even be extended.

“The ratio of men to women in our company is about the same,……. women employees mostly work in internal functional departments and some are show performers … some female staff have less contact with the outside world. Therefore, we hope to give more leave to female staff, to give them more time and opportunities to be in contact with the opposite sex.”

There’s a Catch

There is a catch. Only those women who are not in “non-frontline” positions, will be granted an extra eight days of “dating leave” during the Lunar New Year.

Based on 2015 statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, there are 200 million single adults in China. Since 2013, there has been decline in the marriage rate as people opt to focus on careers and marry later, or not marry at all.

This decline has the Chinese government concerned. With a shift in interests away from marriage and family, the government does not know how to tax its young population.

Recently a high school in Hangzhou began offering single and childless teachers an extra two half days leave per month to find “love”.

via SCMP

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