SOC’s ‘Home 1947’ Wins Best Short Documentary Award [Videos]

Another day, another win!

Pakistani short film ‘Home 1947‘ won the ‘Best Short Documentary Award‘ at the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal 2020. This is actually a  series of shorts created by Oscar winner, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

The series Home 1947 narrates the personal stories of millions of people who were displaced in the partition of 1947. The aim was to recreate memories of ‘home’, as they (partition survivors) remembered it.

SOC Film’s ‘Home 1947’
Recreating memories of ‘home’


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The Home 1947 episodes, which won the Best Film Award at SAFM 2020 in the ‘short documentary’ category include Ghosts of the Past, Midnight Free, Silent Water, Weaving Memories, Earth and Dark Secrets.

According to Bol News,

“The stories of millions of people are retold in this short documentary and this world is not told through the words of historians and politicians but through the eyes of those who lived at that time.”

Screengrab from ‘Home 1947’

The documentary highlighted various aspects of what the actual survivors experienced when the subcontinent was divided into two new states, Pakistan and India. This was made possible using an array of documentary footage, voiceovers, historical archives, and reminiscences.

Archive footage used in the short documentary series

The series first premiered at the Manchester International Festival in the United Kingdom. You can watch the full series here;


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SAFM aims to showcase new art that fosters debate and explored South Asia. The festival provides a platform for filmmakers around the world whose works focus on South Asia and its migrants.

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