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Sonya Hussyn Slams Mubashir Lucman Over Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar Case

She calls him biased.

Aangan starlet Sonya Hussyn just slammed Mubashar Lucman for his biased coverage of the Ali Zafar vs. Meesha Shafi case.

Sonya Hussain isn’t the only one extremely infuriated over Mubashar Lucman’s biased interview. Like many others, the Azad actress took to social media to call out Mubashir Lucman, with class.

Sonya Hussyn calls out Mubashir Lucman on Instagram

Lucman tried, rather deliberately at that, to prove Ali Zafar’s innocence in the case.


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Mubashir Lucman Gets Called Out

Sonya Hussyn called out Mubashir Lucman’s journalistic ethics in his biased interview with Ali Zafar and his wife Ayesha over the ongoing Meesha-Zafar harassment controversy.

Lucman had stated in his program that “how could Meesha Shafi have been harassed at Ayesha’s birthday in such a large gathering without anyone noticing?”

Sonya Hussyn took to her Instagram story to slam the journalist.

“Mubashir Lucman is the worst example of Journalism”


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Lucman Suggests Launching #MenToo Movement

Besides Sonya Hussyn, many members of the general public are disappointed with the anchor. Mubashir Lucman faced severe backlash on social media for the interview. Audiences condemned his show Khara Sach and asserted that he had lost credibility.

The Khara Sach host suggested that there should be a #MenToo movement as a counter-movement to #MeToo. While its true that many women came forward with the #MeToo movement, the campaign was intended for all harassment survivors, even men.

To quote one such example, Hollywood actor Terry Crews came forward among the #MeToo survivors, detailing the harassment he had faced at the hands of a ‘high-level Hollywood executive’.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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