Squid Game: Is Wajahat Rauf Planning a Pakistani Remake Starring Humayun Saeed?

Wajahat Rauf - Squid Games

As the Korean Netflix series Squid Game continues to gain popularity worldwide, Pakistani director Wajahat Rauf jokes about remaking the series.

The Chhalawa director was reacting to a Netizen’s joke about the series being made in Pakistan. A Netizen said;

“To everyone who’s tweeting stuff like ‘if Squid Game was made in Pakistan.’ Bro stop giving them ideas, next thing you know Wajahat Rauf will cast Humayun Saeed as player 456 in Pakistani Squid Game.”

Wajahat Rauf

The Karachi Se Lahore director reacted to the joke with smiling emoticons. So he had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

So is he considering recreating the series with Humayun Saeed?

Some other ideas Netizens had, ‘if Squid Game was made in Pakistan’ includes;


Then there’s also the expected mute refusal or aggressive refusal.



While the Korean web series is globally acclaimed, Ahmed Ali Butt was irked by the casting. He slammed big international productions such as Netflix for not casting Pakistani actors to play Pakistani characters.

Squid Games

He was particularly referring to the Pakistani character in the international series played by an Indian actor, Anupam Tripathi.

Meanwhile, Wajahat Rauf is currently directing a web series starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir. The project is being produced by an Indian production house.


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