Stranger Things S4 Vol 2 Is Breaking Hearts [Reactions]

It’s hard to say goodbye

Stranger Things

As the sci-fi web series Stranger Things nears the end, Netizens are getting emotional. As storylines wrap up we’re already missing some characters.

Even though the last season was split into two parts so we could brace ourselves, saying goodbye to characters has been emotional.

Just the number of deaths alone has Netizens in tears. From Eddie ….


To Max ….


But Eleven being badass offered some consolation.


As well as some other female characters kicking ass.



Other moments that made up for the funerals.

Some people has opinions about how the Duffer brothers handled the situation.

As Netiflix called it a day with the web series Strainger Things, the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, Matt and Ross Duffer, amped up the scares. They went into a detailed synopsis to wrap up the show.

Since being available for streaming on Netflix, the show has broken records.


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