Tasbeeh On The Finger Of Sajal Aly Without A Scarf Sparks Criticism

Since her head is not covered and the diva is wearing a short top the moral brigade could not help but censure the actress

Sajal Aly has been the talk of the town lately. Be it her sizzling photoshoots, her debacle with her ex-husband, or her exceptional acting skills. Aly never fails to keep away from the limelight. Recently, the Yaqeen Ka Safar star stirred up quite the debate among netizens. A picture of Sajal is making rounds on the internet with a Tasbeeh-counter on her finger.

Since her head is not covered and the diva is wearing a short top the moral brigade could not help but censure the actress to every extent. Netizens commented that keeping Tasbeeh in hand and wearing western clothes is contradictory because Ibadah has certain protocols to follow.

The moral brigade did not quite approve of her ways of Zikar and said that Ibadah ought to be done with the utmost respect. They expressed that there is no Zikar without a dupatta or a scarf.

Despite they adore her but they won’t approve a Tasbeeh without a scarf.

Take a look!

Sajal Aly is a Pakistani actress noted for playing a variety of characters in a range of serials—from contemporary social to romantic dramas. Sajal’s first appearance on screen was a minor role in one episode of the 2009 Geo TV’s comedy drama Nadaaniyaan. She received praise for her breakout role in the 2011 ARY Digital’s family drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain. Subsequently, she rose to prominence for portraying leading roles in several of the successful television series and Bollywood movies.


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  1. I don’t know why Pakistani people are like we don’t appreciate even when someone is doing something good we always see the negative side even if she is not completing the ibaadah protocols at least we should encourage and appreciate her for her positive actions .It is also said by a few muftis that if a Muslim from showbiz or any other celebrity not a complete follower of Islam is doing something that is religious we should appreciate rather criticize them for wrong deeds this will help them further to come completely on the right path .I don’t know when people will understand the slightest of ethics

  2. It’s a serious issue ma ALLAH Almighty show us the right pathway, without scarffwhat sort of zikar is there lack of sensible approach.

  3. Kisi ko yh right ni k wo kisi ki ibadat p comment kry yh insan r ALLAH ka matter h qk ibadat ALLAH k liy h r koi insan yh right ni rkhta k sajjal ka zikr bina dopty k qabool ni hota ya anything else plz guys jis km k criticism krna chaiy usi p focus krny kindly…

  4. To cover the head is required for females only. The men can do it with uncovered head. It’s not comment, it’s a question

  5. Hmara kuch b nhi jae hum kon hoty hn Allah k faislon mn dakhal deny waly hmara rab janta h wo dilon ka hal janta h to plzz kisi py tankeed karny sy pehly ek bar Allah ka dar apny sil mn zarur lao k dilon ka hal sirf Allah janta h hum jese gunah gaar insan nhi

  6. Sajal and her faith is between her and Allah and how she calls out to her Allah is also between them, we aren’t anyone to say what she is wearing and how she is doing Ibadat ,with or without dupatta.
    We are noone to judge and by saying such nasty things about the other person is just a sin added to our hisab.
    Live and let live! We should worry about our own graves where we will be alone and not sharing it with Sajal or anyone else .
    Allah hidayat dae

  7. Zakir karnah chayee may hers the time start to right direction and it is initial stage. Think positively. Really.

  8. it dosen matter you reciet some duas in your period than what you say About period days so if anyone close to Allah s.w.t so how are you to judge any person ? i think we are not🤧

  9. Zikar doesnt have any conditions I guess. As far as I’m knowledgeable. Having or not having dupatta on head has no relation with tasbeeh.

  10. It’s ok. Allah says whatever way we submitt. Even while doing work. Allah wale sawal na Karen . We need to focus on self correction.

  11. Let it be . non of us is dood k dhulay… If an actor or anyone want to do zikr they can. Okay there are some restrictions about body covering etc but it is also said v r none to judge others. There is Allah who knows better.

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