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Thar Residents Have Found an Ingenious Way of Controlling Locust Swarms

Anybody up for some Locust Curry and Biryani?

locust biryani in thar

Locusts are a menace, especially for the people in Thar. Farmers pour their blood, sweat and tears into raising crops and vegetables to provide for their families, only to see swarms of locusts eating up and destroying all of their hard work.

However, the tables have been turned as the residents of Thar make the most out of a difficult situation. So, what do they do? They turn the locusts into delicious biryani and curry dishes!

Locusts are a common threat for farmers in the desert region of Tharparkar, but the residents have found a delicious way of cooking up these pests into their dishes. Different roadside dhabas and hotels in the area offer a variety of curry dishes and traditional biryani with the locusts as the star ingredient.


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It’s A Regional Delicacy!

Locusts are long considered a traditional delicacy for the Thar region. People consider it to be delicious and very healthy ingredient full of protein. Some hotels in Chacharo even offer crop-eating grasshoppers in their Karahi and rice.

They Do Have A Point!

Insects are considered to be an excellent source for proteins. Due to the mass consumption and shortage of food, some western countries are already experimenting about incorporating insects as a viable food source for the future.

Get Your Recipe Books Out!

One owner of a restaurant shared his technique and recipe for cooking locusts with a news reporter. Firstly, the locust has to be cleaned, with its hind portion and legs detached from the body.

It Is a Common Trend, Apparently

Tharparkur is not the only region to add locusts to their dishes. Many places around the world have been using locusts as a popular food delicacy. The tradition is common around the Arabian Peninsula, where people would eat the insects by removing the head, legs and wings, and leaving the rest to dry out in the sun.

So, no need to be alarmed if you find a giant bug in your biryani. It’s good for you!


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Written by Sher Alam


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