That’s Not Rooh Afza? Internet Attacks Sajal Aly and Sheheryar Munawar For Normalizing Alcohol

Internet is furious with actors Sajal Aly and Sheheryar Munawar for promoting alcoholic drinks in their recent photoshoot for a magazine. Netizen also comment on Sajal’s bold dressing and trolling Shehryar for being a “go-to” guy for recently divorced actresses.

sajal sheheryar

Recently, Aasmanon Pe Likha stars Sajal Aly and Sheheryar Munawar got together for a sizzling photoshoot for a popular e-magazine.

sajal sheheryar

Titled “The Anatomy of Melancholy”, Sajal and Sheheryar set social media ablaze with their Marilyn Monroe/Arthur Miller inspired photoshoot. Check it out!

sajal sheheryar

sajal sheheryar

sajal sheheryar

Although the two stars look glamorous as ever, netizen have a big problem with one of the props.

Netizens are furious with how casually Sheheryar Munawar is promoting alcohol. Of course, it may just be apple juice, as the photographers wanted the aesthetics of a whiskey drink in the background. Either way, fans are upset with Sajal and Sheheryar for promoting alcoholism.

It’s not just the whiskey fans are calling out, people school Shehryar Munawar for smoking in one of the clicks.

Other internet commentators trolled Sheheryar for being the “go-to guy” for divorced actresses.

What do you think about Sheheryar and Sajal’s latest photoshoot, should they be promoting alcohol (even if it’s just an apple juice in reality)? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Nothing left to say after this extra mode cultures that has developed, have left negative vibes and bad impressions na! If we think towards such obstacled and exploit the ethics, values of humanity, and unveiled faces of such people’s life. So I would say we are blessed, and our lives are save.

  2. Sajal Aly is a such natural!She is giving it all in! Simply Brilliant!
    Shehryar looks awkward and self chemistry between the two sad to say .
    Btw,did they announce they are promoting alcohol?
    Why make a mountain of a molehill!

  3. Pathetic Dying for publicity and money ofcourse in the name of the Art.. If u don’t set ur limits, these magzine guys can make u wild animal beyond limits Totally disgusting 😤 😑 😒

  4. Just imagine, If due to these public display of things Allah dislike, Any one adopts this, when the time comes all of them who were part of this and are spreading this will be judged for their part.
    Please fear that day and discourage what Allah don’t like.

  5. Ye angrezon ki ghulami he or kya khud ko bech diya h pakistaniyon ne or bs naam k musalman reh gae ye e log hen jinko boht saray log follow krte hen khud to dubangay Aaam awam ko b le dubange..

  6. Its their work they know what they are doing even before shoot arent people smoking and drinking they are and they will its nothing to do with it lets keep our nose out of others bussniess

  7. Sajal first he was promoting velo . Velo can make a person drug addict if you don’t smoke after using velo you will start smoking after that start taking drugs. Velo can cause heart attack . Now he promoting alcohol . Let me guess next definitely he is going to promote pork with red wine 🍷.

  8. We live in Muslim country & I must say that should be stopped by the government. To promote the Alcohol is absolutely illegal in Islamic republic of Pakistan.

  9. I cant understand why people troll for such unnecessary things.Basically two things were prior.Divorce and Alcohol.Nothing is been promoted.If Sajal Is Been divorced She has the right to choose her future either marrying next guy or earning for her life.Secondly Both are muslims And Alcohol Is Haraam In Islam.They Know By Birth. So Just appreciate the shoot rather than throwing flames.

  10. Honestly this is so disrespectful like seriously promoting alcohol and the bold photo shoots.
    This is not acceptable at all is there any positive things to promote.

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