The Best Pakistani On-Screen Couples Who Have Stolen Our Hearts Right Now [Pictures]

Couple quirks and cute moments make the audience feel acquainted with the characters

Pakistani audiences are increasingly tuning into drama serials and soaps this Ramzan. These days it’s the adorable on-screen couples that keep audiences coming back, more so than the story at times.

The couple’s quirks and cute moments make the audience feel acquainted with the characters.

To celebrate the best onscreen couples in Pakistani dramas right now, we have listed the most popular ones on our TV screens these days. They keep audiences coming back for more.

1. Izzah and Altamah from ‘Anaa

Anaa cast Naimal Khawar as Izzah, with Usman Mukhtaar essaying the role of Altamash, The duo has a sweet and salty relationship.

Besides let’s be real, some couples do tend to bicker like kids.

2. Arsal and Jiya from ‘Suno Chanda

Another couple with a love-hate relationship (mostly love). This on-screen duo stole our hearts last Ramzan and we still can’t get over it.

Suno Chanda 2 hasn’t changed a thing between the two love-birds.

3. Mannat and Shayan from ‘Cheekh

Not only is Shayan setting new standards for the ideal life partner, but his better half Mannat has our hearts.

Cheekh cast Saba Qamar and Emaad Irfani for the roles. The on-screen couple’s loving vibes provide the perfect picture of a beautiful relationship filled with trust and compassion.


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4. Aaliya and Jameel from ‘Angan

In real life, relationships aren’t easy. That’s why we’re so drawn to Aaliya and Jameel’s pairing in Angan.

Angan cast Mawra Hussain and Ahad Raza Mir to bring Khatija Mastoor’s characters to life. The period drama is based on a novel of the same name.

5. Geeti and Badar from ‘Do Bol

ARY Digital’s Do Bol cast Hira Mani and Affan Waheed as the on-screen duo Geeti and Badar. Their sweet and sour relationship has melted and won hearts.


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