The Food Ranger is Already in Love with Pakistan

His wife described the flavors of Pakistani cuisine as heavenly.

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The Food Ranger is in Pakistan and he’s loving the experience as much as his taste-buds are.

The food vlogger posted on social media that a week into his Pakistan tour, he’s already in love with the food and hospitality.

“Pakistan is the land of hospitality!!! We’ve been here one week now and have fallen in love with the delicious food.”

Although Trevor James AKA The Food Ranger is more of a street food enthusiast, his first stop on a Pakistani food journey was Islamabad’s Monal restaurant (perhaps he wanted to take in that view?).

Food Ranger in Lahore

James doesn’t really post in a chronological order, so based on the pictures we don’t know where he went first. We know that he’s gotten a taste of Lahore though.

The Ranger described Lahore’s famous Waris Nihari as ‘the best he ever had’.

“Eating the BEST nihari I’ve ever tasted!!! The ultra rich beef stew at Waris nihari in the deep back lanes of Lahore is a life changing flavor you must try in your lifetime…in heaven right now,”

Food Ranger in Peshawar

The Ranger even went to Peshawar for the city’s mouth-watering Nisar Charsi tikka. He even got to meet the maestro himself, Nisar Charsi.

Again the foodie couldn’t help but soak in the beautiful view. James seemed awestruck by what the oldest market towns in the world had to offer culturally and food-wise.

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Today we met the famous "Nisar Charsi" who runs perhaps the BEST tikka and kerahi joint in Pakistan in Peshawar! This city is soaked with history and one of the oldest market towns in the world. As soon as you enter into the Nisar Charsi BBQ area, you're greeted with the fine aroma of meat on the fire seasoned only with pure salt. We enjoyed the meat and are enjoying this amazing city and country of Pakistan!!! It's extremely safe, nothing to worry about, and one of the best places we've visited on our travels!!! And hanging with @msaimcheema and @wak6587 has been a blast! #pakistan #peshawar #peshawarifood #bbq #kebab #tikka #pakistanifood #pakistanicuisine #streetfood #charsi #nisarcharsi #incrediblepakistan

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Trevor James lauded Pakistan’s hospitality stating that he didn’t pay for a single meal. He suggested that people add Pakistan to their travel list.


The Food Ranger is Coming to Pakistan

His Wife Loves Pakistan

Even The Food Ranger’s wife Ting Ting was overwhelmed with the warm hospitality.

The Chinese do not shy away from hosting grand meals, but Ting Ting describes the people as welcoming and the flavors in the food as heaven.

“The amount of flavor and spice in every bite has us in heaven.”

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Ting’s impressions from Pakistan: Hey guys! Trev and I are having so much fun here in Pakistan and I wanted to write a post saying how amazing it is here and how friendly people are here! We are overwhelmed with the amazing hospitality here. Everywhere we go, people are smiling at us and welcoming us to Pakistan. I can feel the locals friendliness towards me and Trev everywhere we go. Traveling through this country has opened my eyes to how friendly and welcoming Pakistan truly is. Trev says he wants to keep coming back and has already fallen in love with Pakistan and I completely agree, we are going to have to keep exploring more of this beautiful country!! And of course, the food is another reason why we’ve fallen in love with Pakistan. The amount of flavour and spice in every bite has us in heaven! And we are so grateful for @alinhamdani for showing us this amazing country and bringing us to his favourite spots and the locations that were recommended by you guys when we asked for help! This is one of the best trips we’ve ever been on!!! #Pakistan #pakistanifood #pakistanhospitality #food #amazingpakistan

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